Challenge Day 2; Ask A Question: Why Do You Write?

Okey dokey. Day 2 of my challenge. Asking a question. Here goes. I want to know – Β Why Do You Write? Yes, it’s a very basic question. But I want to know.

What goes through your mind when you get that urge to write? In other words; what gets your literary rocks off?

Me? It’s when I hear or read wonderful dialogue. I’m a complete sucker for sharp, snappy dialogue that travels back and forth between characters. I can lose myself in clever banter.

So, come on, take me into your writing world. I want to know all the gory details!

** Just quietly, Ask A Question was actually Day 5’s challenge (today’s was Answer A Question) but I thought I’d break the rules. Besides, I don’t have any questions to answer. Do you think you’d be able to help me out? Do you have any burning questions to ask me? I’ll pick out a couple and elaborate on them. Ask me anything. Anything at all! **

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19 Responses to “Challenge Day 2; Ask A Question: Why Do You Write?”

  1. I write to express my creativity, as I feel inadequate at more traditional pursuits such as drawing, painting. Not that I do not try them, I just feel more confident with the written word. Sometimes.


  2. When I hear music I want to write:) There’s a story tied up in the notes and it’s begging me to get it out. Travel magazines are another thing that make me want to write. I wish I could say traveling inspires me, hehe, but until I have enough money, I’ll use photos for inspiration:)


  3. I write as a creative outlet. My mind is always thinking. My characters talk to each other and I have to get them out, so I write.


  4. I have stories running through my head 24 hours a day. If I don’t write them down, they disappear when I figure out the ending, and my mind moves on to the next one. I hate how many stories I’ve lost by not writing them down.


    • I do this too. I come up with so many ideas throughout the day, I only write down the ones that are a little more than a fleeting thought otherwise I’d have to invest in a crate of notebooks! Thanks for the comment!


      • No, you cannot write down everything, but if it grabs my attention enough to have a plot, a climax and a resolution, I try to remember it. Who knows when you will need a new idea.


  5. Hmmmm, that’s actually quite a difficult question lol

    To express myself, to get the words out of my head, for enjoyment, to do something creative, to escape (*snigger*), because I have to or I’ll go stir crazy (that’s where the escape comes in I think), and because I LOVE IT! πŸ™‚

    There’s probably loads more though πŸ™‚

    As for questions….I’d like to hear all about your WIP, where you live and when/why you decided to write? πŸ™‚



    • Yes, the good ol’ escape tactic. I use that too! πŸ™‚ You know, even when I went through those few years of no writing I was still ‘writing’ in my head, I’m surprised I lasted that long without my head bursting!

      Thanks for the questions love, I’ll use them on my 5th day challenge πŸ™‚ xx


  6. I’m your classic escapist. πŸ™‚ Writing helps to keep my mind off worrying and other un-fun grownup things. It’s also the best way for me to convey the emotions I’m feeling from day to day, rather than writing in a diary.


  7. I feel compelled. I don’t even like it much. At the end of a day’s writing I hate that I feel like I have done nothing that day, even if I’ve written 2000 words. I think it is because I have all the big ideas and then I have to plod my way through actually getting them on paper one word at a time. So why do it? I have no idea.


    • But you must like it – otherwise, why would you spend so much time doing it? πŸ™‚


      • I think I write to attempt to assuage the guilt I feel about being human. We are a disgusting, destructive, dominant force on the planet, responsible for eradicating much of it. The only thing we are good for is ideas. If I die without writing down any of the ideas I might as well not have thought them, and therefore the planet has suffered in vain. It’s work. It’s an obligation. I do a lot of things for that reason. A lot of people are the same. Less so these days perhaps.


  8. For me, I was one of those “ultra smart, ultra talented under-achievers” for much of my life, and writing was the one constant that allowed me to maintain my underwhelmingly defiant recalcitrance. I began writing when I was twelve — role-playing, actually — and the nature of the games features a “write to win” component. I was never the A student, but I absolutely hated to lose at a “game.”

    Instead of studying, I wrote.

    Instead of socializing, I wrote.

    Instead of being a normal teenager, I wrote.

    Once I reached my twenties, I realized that my writing was on a level that the bookworms couldn’t touch. It became a passion, and I have been trying to improve just a little more every day. I’m far less competitive now (except with myself), but of all the things I have done in my life, writing is the only one that I would comfortably say I am “good at.”

    —Great prompt!




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