The 7 Day Writing Challenge

I thought I’d start my week with a bit of fun. Everyone likes to have fun, right? It’s been a little while since I’ve participated in a writing challenge and I picked this one because it sounded like it would get my brain ticking again but in a fun way 🙂

I came across the blog Kinkilah on the weekend after doing some web surfing. I was wanting some inspiration for a challenge and this really hit the spot. Why not have a go on your blog?

OK. So on to day #1. My challenge for today is……

An affirmation of greatness.  (Write an affirmation that would add positivity to your life if repeated daily)

Hmmm…I’m going to cheat and show you all the quote that kick started my attitude (or, rather, kicked my butt) back into writing. I put this as my desktop wallpaper so every morning I saw it. And I still see it. And I still live by it:

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

The first time I saw this quote was on Pinterest in February earlier this year. Just after my birthday. My heart sang out the answer – WRITE A NOVEL.

So, I am 🙂

Do you have any favourite affirmations? Why not share them and remember to come back tomorrow for my next challenge 🙂

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23 Responses to “The 7 Day Writing Challenge”

  1. “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”

    Olympian Dong Dong (yes, that’s his name) won the gold medal in Men’s trampoline. If I knew I would not fail, I would attempt his routine. Is failure was an option, I would almost undoubtedly break my neck and several other bones.

    As for writing a novel? I’m willing to fail at that one. 🙂


    • What about those chocolate orange oreo popsicle thingies – would you give them a go? 🙂


      • Eating them or making them?

        If I was able to pull off Dong Dong’s flippy-flopping routine (and yes, I’m going to get as much immature humor out of that as possible), then I could endorse any product on the market. There’s be no need to invent anything.


      • You were going to make them, remember? I still would never eat them tho 🙂


      • I was, but I wouldn’t use my one “guaranteed success” on them. There are much more noble pursuits.

        And I’m TOTALLY going to take the high road and not equate the success of the orange-oreo treats to the trampoline routine. I’d hate to be the guy who turns a fun blog edgy. lol


      • You’re right. Let’s keep it light and fluffy – like the orange oreo treats 🙂


      • Light and fluffy sounds like a healthy snack treat. Everyone likes health food, right? Seriously, you could be the champion of the next mega-awesome craze to sweep the nation.

        Think about it… I’ll do my part, you decide if you want in once the results are produced.


      • I’m in only if you are. And only if we call it Chocoreo Lite Popsicle Treats. And if they’re mini, sold in a mini bucket that you can re-use to make sand castles on the beach with. Oh oh and mini umbrellas stuck to the lid. With flip flops hanging from a mini key ring on the side.
        Was the last one a step too far?


      • They are lite, which means they already (I totally almost spelled that “ulready” and was going to let it go) are going to be expensive. Love the sand bucket idea, but anything else and we are selling to only the most affluent of demographics here.

        Maybe the umbrella, too. Is this like a push-op, or a popsicle? If a popsicle, how are we doing the umbrella? If a push-pop, I get it, but they have those plastic coverings. If we puncture that with the umbrella, the treat itself is compromised.


      • I was thinking more of a novelty umbrella – like those fashioned for pina coladas and colourful summertime cocktails (in other words a folded up piece of paper strategically stuck on a toothpick for the amusement of drunk adults). We could place it on top of the bucket lid, you know, for kicks and giggles. Im thinking mini popsicle. Maybe like a frozen push pop? Bite size morsels for beachtime fun.


      • Ooh, what if they were little bricks, like those “Dibs?” Vanilla ice cream inside an orange creamsicle shell, coated with oreo crumbs?

        Those are definitely bite-sized morsels, and they can come in different sized buckets… OR, individual packets of, say, 20-30 pieces can come in smaller containers inside of one big bucket.


      • You’ll have to enlighten me on what Dibs are. We don’t have these in Australia 🙂 But they do sound delicious.
        Yeah! Like a pass the parcel type of packaging. Perfect for parties!


      • I’ve lost track of where all my bloggy friends are from. I’m at like 15 foreigners now. lol

        Think of a smaller, ice cream filled bon bon.


      • Ohhhh ok – yum! We need to patent this thread before some random takes our ideas!


      • Like one of the many readers who visit this post and go to comment, only to read about the sheer awesomeness of the future-bestselling snack treat that you refuse to eat?


      • I should really be careful about what I write next, shouldnt I?


      • Nope, it’s a free world. We shouldn’t have to hide our awesome ideas. 🙂


      • Very true. Still reckon it needs a patent. 🙂


      • Very true. I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

        BTW, Feedburner says you haven’t confirmed your subscription to my website yet. Would love to get your comments thrown into the mix over there. It’s a wild bunch, indeed.


  2. One of my personal favorites is: Fear Denies Faith. Surprisingly, this came from a video game, but it is a wonderful summation of a Biblical tenet. You know, the bit where we are not supposed to be afraid if we have faith and a belief in God. Works on all sorts of things, races, ascending glass stair cases (fear of falling/heights), submitting writing for critique…


    • See, I love these sorts of quotes but sometimes I feel like a hypocrit using them in my day to day life. Case in point: I have a HUGE fear of worms. I can’t even type the word without gagging. Tonight, as I was hanging some clothes out on the line I saw one. Near me. Moving. I SCREAMED for dear mercy – partner ran downstairs thinking our daughter had been eaten by flesh eating zombies. I ran to the corner of the dining table and lulled myself into some sort of defence mechanism weirdness.
      How on earth can my absolute inabitliy of conquering my fear of THEM do me any good with my fear of anything else (like you said – writing for critique)??


  3. I practice patience in creating my Life as I imagine it. I practice boldness to bring my imaginings into being.


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