Day 1; List Post: Lacking Focus? 5 Steps To Get It Back!

We all do it. We are all guilty of flying off with the fairies when a deadline is looming. Or feeling the pull of procrastination when other things are pressing at us to be done. Writing takes time. Not all of us have a lot of it to spare. And there goes the focus – out the door faster than you can say ‘Hey!! Stop!!!’ .

Ok. So my sure-fire ways to coax it back in? Please, read on:


Hide the remote! Better yet, get someone else to hide it for you. That way it will be harder to find. I call it the ‘one-eyed demon’. It’s demonic powers take you away from perfecting your craft. My life took a different meaning once I turned it off. This is my ultimate re-focus tactic.


Children need routine. For various reasons; a healthy mind, good behaviour. They need discipline to learn self discipline. So, what does that say for adults? Of course, we need it too. Writing needs discipline and I found that after applying a routine to my writing life, I slowly got better. For me, I need a coffee and a snack next to my laptop. A pen, notebook and my mobile phone need to be in close proximity. Having all this feels right for me therefore the mood is right and I can get on to getting the words out.


Mine is like a gut instinct. A brain gut instinct. You know when you get that ‘feeling’ that something’s not right, or a sudden desire to turn down this road instead of the one you were originally going to go down? Yeah. When that happens in your head, stop what you are doing (if it’s feasible to do so) and listen. I’ve ignored mine a few too many times and paid the consequences.


And I don’t mean the latest Cosmo or FHM (sorry to be so generalised. But I’m sure you get where I’m going with this). Whether it’s a book from a favourite author or someone entirely new. But read. 

It will get your creative juices flowing again,  putting you in the writing mood. Then, once in the writing mood your focus will return to you where it belongs.


One of the biggest tips out there in the blogosphere is to just write. When you’re not in the mood, when you’re feeling lacklustre – just write. It will exercise the muscles in your brain, which will then get you back in the writing groove.

Ok. So this is all very layman advice but it’s always the simplest of tips that make the most sense. Don’t overcomplicate things or feel guilty about lacking focus. Everyone will go through it. But if your craft really means that much to you, and you are willing to put in the dedication, these simple tasks will get you back on the wonderful literary bandwagon in no time. Good luck!

If you have any re-focusing tips please share them! You know how much I love it when you share 🙂


About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

4 Responses to “Day 1; List Post: Lacking Focus? 5 Steps To Get It Back!”

  1. That’s a good list hon, especially the one about the TV 🙂

    Number 5…just write…I find prompts are great for that 🙂

    Good luck xx


  2. I find that writing everyday, not matter what or how much, is an excellent mental exercise. I liken it to to sketching/doodling for artists. Who knows what new shapes might take form when you just let your mind/hand wander.


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