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Writer’s Relief: The Know Thyself 30 Day Writing Challenge; Day 1

What a wonderful week it was. Getting to know inspirational people who blog, write and – well – inspire was an absolute pleasure! Thank you again to all those that participated! So now, its onward and upward to my next challenge! I came across this on Writers Relief; a literary treasure trove. They help you […]

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Guest Post #5 – Chris Stocking ‘Write To Perfect’

I am very pleased to present to you today Day 5 of our Guest Post series with an interview with none other than Chris Stocking! Another wonderful, inspirational blogger who I have followed since day dot. His blog Write To Perfect is chock full of advice, writing techniques, his insightful opinions and snippets of his […]

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Day 1; List Post: Lacking Focus? 5 Steps To Get It Back!

We all do it. We are all guilty of flying off with the fairies when a deadline is looming. Or feeling the pull of procrastination when other things are pressing at us to be done. Writing takes time. Not all of us have a lot of it to spare. And there goes the focus – […]

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