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Copyright? Copywrong!

I have a question for you. Have you put a copyright on your work? If not, will you ever intend to (I’m talking about before you get published). If you have posted some of your work on your blog are you wary of the fact that any Joe Shmoe can plagiarise it? Claim it as […]

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Keeping It Light And Fluffy

Because I am as sick as a dog. I have been in bed all day. My trusty laptop has been my only friend. Thank God for my parents who have run around with the kids; yes, I am that bad. Normally I will pop a couple of paracetamol and energy will kick in for a […]

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Short And Sweet

Quite frankly, that is how I prefer to write my stories. I’ve mentioned before that I have a stack of short stories in a box somewhere in the garage that I wrote when I was in my teens; well, nothing much has changed. So much so that I have decided to return to my roots. Instead of […]

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