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Goals For The Week

My goals are coming a few hours late today – well, for me anyway…….another early night last night…… There’ll be two posts today – The Sunday Session will feature in the evening 🙂 Ok, goals for the week. Last week, I wanted to tackle a few crosswords – well, I not only tackled, I finished […]

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The Sunday Session…What Are Your Thoughts On…

  Traditional publishing. A couple of Sundays ago I asked what everyone thought of self publishing so tonight, I thought I’d flip the coin. There is a YouTube video going round of Anne Rice giving some writing tips (if you haven’t come across it, do yourself a favour and watch – it’s really good!). I […]

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The Sunday Session – What Are Your Thoughts On…

… Self publishing. Hmmm….this is such an interesting topic. I’m sure many people are aware of a certain Ms Grafton waxing lyrical about her thoughts on the subject (if you haven’t, go and read this, then come back!). Now, just to clarify, this post isn’t about her comments and how she feels about the subject […]

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