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Know Thyself Challenge – The End Has Come

I have been a little awol over the past few days – and through no fault of my own! End of term and my son’s social life is to blame! Oh – and I indulged in some socialising too, which I am glad I did. I needed time away from the computer. But I’m back, […]

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Know Thyself Challenge: Days 19 and 20; Revision and Support

It’s hard to write when you’re ill. I’ve had the flu for the past few days and I haven’t been in the mood. The other night, I forced myself to blog. Last night? Meh. I’m much better today – thank God – because if it’s one thing I hate, its being sick. Bound to my […]

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Know Thyself Challenge Days 9 And 10; Voicing Your Process

So after my self-congratulatory post yesterday, I am back to the Know Thyself Challenge – brought to you by Writer’s Relief. Actually, before I begin, I just wanted to say that I’ve given this challenge some thought – and I want to shake it up a little. I really enjoyed my Guest Post Series (where […]

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