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Will fate ever stop following me? Will it let me live my life by design? I do not want you in my heart Anymore I cannot have you in my mind… Taking up space And energy They say it’s all been pre-written That our futures lie within the stars… So if you are meant to […]

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When you inspire me to write It means my heart is set alight It means my soul is burning fire It means your love Is my desire As you inspired me to write It meant my dream was now alive It meant you took me from my strife It meant you brought me Back to […]

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But…honestly…truthfully… Don’t you see? We both felt it The exact second The exact same moment We came together… You and me? But remember…remember… Our hearts started beating In unison  In time The rhythm was echoing From your pulse To mine But really…truthfully… You really don’t see? Will you never Understand  The magic that can exist […]

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