My Muse-ical Process

It’s probably no surprise that music has always inspired me to write; this has been my process since I was a teenager. I’ve written about music and writing before on Poeta Officium but I thought I’d write about it again seeing as it has been the main driving force behind my story ideas lately.

Most of you out there know that last year I was working on a story called I Am The Damned, which is about a woman who lives in a permanent state of psychosis. The main characters in this story are Emma and Adam and I posted some excerpts of the story on the blog about a year ago. So out of this idea, I put together a short story about Emma and Adam to submit to a writing competition. It’s all very exciting and I won’t know until June whether I have won a place in a compilation, however now that I have dedicated 6 months of my life writing this short story and making it as perfect as I possibly can, I have no interest in it anymore. Sure, I may revisit the idea again, but for now Emma and Adam are on hiatus as I dedicate my energy to a new story idea that I have my heart set on developing. This idea has stemmed from a wonderful musical era – the deep dark recesses of the early 80’s.

A couple of months ago I watched a movie set in the late 70’s, 80’s and mid 90’s. And well. Didn’t that stir up some feelings! All of a sudden memories of mulleted Afros came back along with guitar riffs, synthesizers, the new wave of rock – all crashing down on my head. My poor brain wasn’t sure what had happened and started steaming from overload…. words were starting to form, emotions were attaching themselves to characters – situations, scenarios, conflicts; all there, within a space of 5 minutes. Needless to say I was unable to sleep for about a week as I thought about possible story lines, naming and renaming story titles and jotting Every. Single. Idea down.

So now, finally, my scene is set. The music, the year, the place. All there waiting for me to start. And this time, probably for the first time so soon, I have decided on the title: Lullaby. A dark love story gone wrong. Much like most of my ‘love’ stories. A sad, sad lullaby.

Do wish me luck on this next venture. I’m very excited to begin writing the story. Just as long as the muse-ics blaring (….couldn’t help myself!!).

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2 Responses to “My Muse-ical Process”

  1. Rachel O'Regan Reply April 5, 2014 at 17:33

    You describe the power of muse-ic so well! I used to actively avoid it (can you imagine) because the lyrics interrupted my thought process. But now I just listen when I’m not actively writing and let my myself go to the mood and the energy of the sound. Plots and ideas just unravel when you’re listening to music – and I think because of the meter of words it actually makes you a better, more poetic writer. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I totally get it. Good luck on your writing ventures! xx


  2. G’luck Vee. Keep us updated on your progress!


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