Meanwhile, Under Her Rock……

Yes, I have resurfaced. I didn’t go away (as is evident from my still-live blog) but I needed to take a break from blogging for a while – it really was becoming a bit of a burden and for a while there, I didn’t feel like I had anything constructive to offer anyone. All I seemed to be doing was ‘updating’ my ‘writing progress’ – how many times do people want to read about stuff like that? Yes, we all know I write. Thank you and goodnight.

That’s how it felt, anyway.

Even though I spent all this time buried under my little rock, I couldn’t (and didn’t) stop thinking about my blog. I was surprised to see 2 new followers even though I hadn’t updated for nearly 3 months! Now, that was motivating. To be honest, I needed to reevaluate what Poeta Officium meant to me. What did I want to achieve with it? You know, I’m a humble sort. I’m not after fame, fortune, celebrity. I just want to write. And I want to connect with other writers like me – the beginners, the intermediates and the advanced.

So I am back. But I’m not going to promise much for the next month or so. I’ll write when I write. I may do a little cosmetic updating (the black and white theme is a little too sombre). Basically, I’m resurrecting and making this blog the best it can be.

I hope everyone has been well and writing and happy and writing. I will definitely be catching up on your blogs over the next few weeks and I really do look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to.

Ciao for now 🙂

Oh, and ps – I finished the first draft of my WIP’s first 6 chapters (these make up the first part of the book). Very happy about that! 🙂


About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

13 Responses to “Meanwhile, Under Her Rock……”

  1. Glad to have you back! I haven’t been blogging much myself. I operate under the idea that I’m a writer, not a blogger. Writing always comes first.


  2. I haven’t been blogging much lately, either… Maybe its something about the season. 🙂


  3. Welcome back, glad to hear that you are making progress with you WIP.


  4. No promises is good, Vee. More reflective of who we are and what we have to offer in the moment. 😉 xoxoM


  5. Great to see you back, Virginia 😀 I’m blogging less (once a week) but it seems to work for me 😀


    • Thanks Dianne. It’s more quality than quantity isnt it. I felt the blog starting to overwhelm me so I took a step back before deleting my account completely! I definitely didn’t want to do that 🙂


      • For some reason we feel pressure to post – but some of my favourite bloggers only post once a month at the most or just randomly post when they feel like it. It’s a much better feeling just taking a step back and only posting when there’s something to write about 😀


  6. Great to see you back honey 🙂 We all need a break once in a while!



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