And The Wheels Are Back In Motion!

Yes people. I am very pleased to report that in the past week I have finally put pen to paper. Literally, pen to paper. I found that having my notebook nearby helps with writing on a whim – just like the old days. Laptops are so cumbersome, it’s not like I keep it on all day so when I get a flash of inspiration it’s quite an effort to boot up the computer and wait…….for it to finally open a word document.

It just goes to show how much we rely on our electronic devices. I remember when I was much younger, having a pen and notebook in every nook of the house. By my bed. On the coffee table, kitchen table. On my dresser. And given my obsession with stationery, shopping for notebooks was so much fun! I still love stationery and still love shopping for notebooks but now they sit empty in the cupboard for ages.

I digress. The main point here is that I contributed to my beloved WIP! The first night was last Monday while I was in the middle of a crossword puzzle. The second night I had to make the decision to put down my (new) book and write. The third night I didn’t pick up the book at all – not until after I had written, anyway.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned I wanted an interesting arc to add to my main characters life and I think I’ve found it. It has a lot to do with religion and the controversial side of it although it will be the underlying story because the main point of my WIP is mental illness – I really don’t want to detract from that. This new development has added a little more of a challenge to my writing because I’ll be alternating between first and third person – it’s the only way it will work. If anyone has any experience on writing in both perspectives, let me know how it was for you. I’m very interested to know. I’ve not written this way before so I do need to be careful 🙂

OK, so, I must go now and write. Till next time….ta ta 🙂



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6 Responses to “And The Wheels Are Back In Motion!”

  1. I carry around both a notebook and a stack of index cards. One is for quick jots of fleeting thoughts I don’t want to lose, the other for when I’m inclined to record more profound ponderings! Nice going, Vee! xoxoM


  2. Congrats, Virginia! Way to get back in the game. Keep it up!

    Your arc addition is most intriguing, but even more so is that it will require writing in two tenses! I *think* (I’m not totally sure how it sits, because haven’t yet picked it up since finishing the first draft) there is one place in my novel, Shifters, where one character is telling another an episode from his past in the first person, present tense– and although it’s spoken, it’s written without quotation marks. The rest of the book is third person, past tense.

    I don’t know if that’s at all relevant to what your WIP is undergoing but there you are 🙂


  3. Glad to hear you’re back up and running honey 🙂



  4. I have enjoyed reading your post, and would very much agree with you when it comes to writing. . . that pen and pad is genuinely the more artistic “free-form” style of words, as art, rather, than tapping keys on other device of machinery, which something seem to gets lost in stroke of the performance.

    Very soon — if not already, the genuine art of “penmanship” will be forgotten! Just as now, it generally seem that language is starting to shift. The world prefer the use, or speak acronymically: “LOL, ASAP, OMG, ect, ect…” I am not of that generation, although, current with time. However, most of the times, it is a challenge just to understand the basic form of communication in familiar, structural language, without continually “illegitimizing” the common understanding of English language. . . of which I speak.

    In addition: the day the calculator was invented, distributed, an then widely used by almost every one. . was the day the world’s population receded in its ability to do simple math, because most relied heavily on machinery for efficiency.

    When was the last time you received a letter,from someone, instead of an Email?



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