The Week That Was And The Book That Made Me A Hermit

Unfortunately, yes, the week that has passed was completely consumed by the book I was dying to finish but dreading to finish at the same time (because it was uh-maaaay-zing!) – Stephen Kings’ 11-22-63. So writing was – again – put on hiatus.

I’m not complaining because as I’ve mentioned before – the book was a wonderful read and I was sorry to see it finish. It was one of those can’t-put-it-down situations once I got to the last 5 chapters. I can’t say the ending was what I’d hoped (and not because it wasn’t well written) but it was a nice closer to the immensity of it all.

I’m not the best reviewer so I wont bore you with my incredibly biased opinion of it but if you’re a fan of Mr King I do recommend reading 11-22-63. If you’re not a fan and have never read any of his works, I still recommend reading it. Just as an aside, while I’m thinking about it, if you’re a newbie writer I 100% wholeheartedly definitely absolutely recommend Stephen Kings semi memoir, On Writing. Google it. Read reviews (or don’t) and then go and read it for yourself. I learned a heck of a lot by the end of that one. It’s a brilliant motivational read for newbies and aficionados alike.

OK. Enough about Stephen King. You’d think he was paying me to endorse his books (he’s not). Writing-wise, I’m dry yet again. I do blame the immense amount of reading I did this week but I also look at it as ‘study’. As they say, if you want to write you really do have to read. And because 11-22-63 is written in first person (as is my WIP) it really did highlight ways to change the pace a little so it doesn’t read like someones diary.

King broke chapters up into scenes which kept the narrative interesting and I think the clue here is to know when to do it. Breaking up too many paragraphs loses the tone but splitting up the scenes keeps the reader eager to finish the chapter. Chris Carter is another writer who comes to mind. He writes very short paragraphs. Some of them are only a page long (not consistently throughout though). It made me fly through his books, keeping the pace super charged. You didn’t know what was coming next. This is a system I have adopted and it does work really well for first person narrative.

So, you have some food for thought there 🙂 And off we go, another week commences. Lets hope this week gives me the opportunity to tap out some words 🙂

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