Tell Me Your Thoughts…..Are We Ever ‘Too Young’ To Write?

kid writingEarlier today, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and came across this quote that was tweeted by @Shelfbuzz;  “Anyone who is going to be a writer knows enough at 15 to write several novels.” — May Sarton”. It got the wheels in my head spinning frantically.

Do we really know enough at the tender age of 15? Enough to write ‘several novels’, as Ms Sarton puts it?

I wonder if she was referring to teens that may have experienced heartbreak – by losing a close loved one or suffered through a parents messy divorce? Because generally speaking an average 15-year-old is still taking in so much of life – would they be capable of banging out a couple of novels or more?  What are your thoughts on this? Agree? Disagree? What were you like as a writer at the age of 15?


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12 Responses to “Tell Me Your Thoughts…..Are We Ever ‘Too Young’ To Write?”

  1. I would guess that they could possibly write a couple that other teenagers/young adults may relate to


  2. Interesting. I say there is no age limit to a writer – anyone can write!

    With regards to the 15 year old discussion. I think it’s because of it becoming a stereotypical moment in our lives where a lot of things happen. That might be where the quote comes from…


  3. I started writing short stories and diaries when I was eight years old, and was reading before that. I’m now nineteen with a novel under my belt, and another one being churned out, and am going to university to study creative writing, so I guess you might be able to. Especially as young people now go through more than they used to when I was little, even though I went through quite a lot myself anyway. So I would agree with that statement 🙂


  4. I think we all have quite a bit to share at any age, Vee. I also think that we censor ourselves way too often by thinking “who’d want to read that?” xoxoM


  5. Personally, I don’t think I knew enough at 15 to write one novel, let alone several. I mean, I always read – a lot – and so I guess I could have written something. I doubt, however, whether it would have been anything I would be proud of today, in terms of quality. Anyone can write, but that is not to say that everyone should, or at least not everyone is ready to share their writing with the world at that age.


  6. My son started writing very young and won a national award at the age of sixteen. He then stopped and hasn’t written now for about six years. I’d like him to but he say’s he’s just not interested anymore. I think he’ll probably go back to it in his old age! 😉


  7. I guess there’s no problem writing at 15. You’ve experienced many things. Perhaps leave the drafting for another few years though 😛


  8. I have asked myself many times why I put my writing aside when I was younger and have come to the conclusion that at the time I didn’t have it in me to write the stories that I wanted to write.
    That’s not to say a fifteen-year shouldn’t or can’t write! It’s just that what they write might be completely different from what a more mature writer would produce. There is story material everywhere, whether you are young or old or in-between.


  9. Thanks everyone for your interesting comments! I agree that anyone at any age can write a good story – everyone, young or old, has a story to tell. And everyones’ stories are always interesting 🙂


  10. Hi Virginia,
    Me again. 🙂
    I’ve nominated your blog for the prestigious and coveted Liebster Award! But wait, not just any Liebster, this is the holiday edition!
    If you’re inclined to accept, hop on over to: and check out the juicy details.
    Either way, happy holidays!


  11. S.E. Hinton wrote the Outsiders at 15 and was a huge success with a cult following. Anything is possible, though when I was 15, writing stories was not foremost in my mind!


  12. I started writing poetry when I was in middle school, and I was pretty good at it. One of my poems won a few awards, but I stopped writing poetry after hard life event. That said, I would think that anyone who is trained in plot, structure, and characterization could write a novel. It might take them longer, but I’m sure it could be done — especially when I think about expert instrumentalists who are not even high school freshmen. I’m sure if the talent is there, then it can be developed.


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