Goals For The Week

I’ve been really run off my feet this week – hence no new blog post up last Thursday which was disappointing.  As I mentioned in last Saturdays post, I wanted to start a new theme post every Thursday about things that have inspired me that day or past week. I have 2 things already on the inspiration list however by the time last Thursday came around, I was busy packing/getting ready for an extra-long weekend away. The fam and I are all the way down the south coast of New South Wales for a friend’s wedding….didn’t I tell you that November was a busy month?? 🙂 Imagine if I had agreed to do NaNo…… that would have been a massive – as the young ‘uns say these days – FAIL.

Anyways, I’m sitting here in our lovely little self-contained apartment tapping away on the trusty laptop. The sea is so close I can hear the waves crashing. I’m thinking about all the things I’d like to achieve this week and it all boils down to one thing – writing. Isn’t that always the way though? I finally sat down with my WIP and went over some scenes – took out a few large paragraphs and basically changed the tone of Emma’s voice here and there. Only a little though. Not major changes. She’s still miserable and crazy 🙂

I need to be careful though because I don’t want it to end up a schmaltzy love story. Well, it is a love story but I want it to be a sick and twisted, tragic, over dramatic, over the top love/hate love story.  This calls for soul-destroying writing which is rather debilitating and very time-consuming. Planning should be my no.1 goal this week. Should be? No. Will be.

So now I must away and rest for tomorrow is a big day for my dear friend and we’ll be there cheering him and his lovely partner on as they embark on a new journey together 🙂 Due to the wedding and reception taking up most of the day and night, I wont have time to post a Sunday Session tomorrow – but I will on Monday. Stay tuned 🙂

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4 Responses to “Goals For The Week”

  1. You lucky thing. The NSW south coast is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the wedding. Cheers! *champagne cork pop* 😀


  2. Virgina, can I just say how wonderful it is that you have a weekly goal-setting ritual– and that you post it online (which means that you’re not only writing, but putting it where other people can see it– so it makes you more accountable)? I am a big believer in ritual and routinely making time and space for ourselves, whether it’s ten minutes a day or once a week or anything else. I am just so impressed with this practice you have! Plus, at the end of the week you can come back and look at what you’ve done and feel all accomplished 😀

    I hope you are enjoying New South Wales…sounds lovely!


    • I really appreciate your support 🙂 Not that I’ve kept up with the ritual, lol, I’ve been awol for most of November! But I’ve had the guilts big time knowing I’ve missed out on an entire weeks worth of blogging – which more than likely means I’m committed to it and this feels a little like ‘cheating’. And yeah, definitely makes you more accountable 🙂


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