The Sunday Session….What Are Your Thoughts On….

…writing being hereditary.

I did a post on this a few months ago (you can find it here) but I thought about digging the topic up again because I’ve been thinking – is writing is in the blood? Does it pass down from person to person (maybe skipping a generation or two)?

Case in point – my grandmother was a poet. After she died, her daughters collated all of her poems and bound them up to form a book. I was talking to my mother about this the other day and she told me that my grandmother was in fact a published poet. One of her uncles was a member of the Pontian Association in Thessaloniki, Greece and she used to send some of her poems to him which he published in their publications and newspapers. This uncle was also a writer.

So as you can see, there is an obvious pattern there. But is it a coincidence that I write? That I also write poetry? Is the ability to create a story hereditary?


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11 Responses to “The Sunday Session….What Are Your Thoughts On….”

  1. I tend to agree but maybe it’s not hereditary but what we are exposed to and learn to love growing up. My dad was a writer and my mum great at art, I’m blessed to be good at both having a poem published and enjoy writing (not enough though) and love painting. My brother is also a writer. So yes maybe hereditary but would says its the old nature vs nurture and if you give your child a love if literature and the arts, and with a helping of natural ability they will use those creative skills, through written word, art or great story telling.


    • You make a really good point. The ability to channel art (in whichever form) may be the connecting factor and the environment would only highlight it. I was able to write stories from a very young age and I enjoyed it. It could be that my grandmother was the one that looked after me while my parents worked so I was exposed to it from when I was a toddler.


  2. I’m wondering if it’s writing or simply story-telling. My maternal grandmother, the only one I knew, was born in a time and place when/where literacy was not as easily accessible as it is now, and she was a wonderful spinner of stories. While I’ll tell a yarn now and again, it’s my daughter who invents characters and plots and stories with seeming fluency. I think I’m expressing the story-telling tendency in my blog through pictures. And poetry is a wonderful form of story-telling, Vee. Perhaps it’s that tendency that we have imprinted in our genes? xoM


    • It could be, I’m really not sure. This particular topic really does baffle me. Both of my grandparents were good story tellers but only my grandmother wrote those stories down in poem form. As far as I know, my paternal grandparents weren’t great story tellers but I didn’t grow up with them so I’m only going by what my dad remembers. But when I look at both sides of the family tree, the tendency to write is very much highlighted from my maternal grandmothers side. The interesting thing is, my grandmother would have long, epic style dreams (and would tell me about them) and so do I. My son does too so I am encouraging him to channel it because they are freaking him out. My daughter on the other hand loves anything to do with painting, drawing, art – and this is definitely coming from her fathers side. I can’t draw to save myself 🙂 Vx


  3. Hmmmmm, not sure… mum use to write poetry, but I can’t write it for toffee! Lol

    No one in my family, that I know of, has been into writing….reading? Yes, big time! But not writing 😦



  4. Hmmm… My grandmother was a writer as well, but neither of my parents were/are. This makes me wonder about your proposition and the strength of nature over nurture when it comes to writing. Very interesting.


    • From all the responses I’ve had, I think it’s both nature and nurture. If the ability is there, nurturing it will encourage it to manifest. If the ability isn’t there, no amount of nurturing will help. But thats my humble opinion 🙂


  5. None of my family, either foster or biological were very creative, although my sister got an A* at GCSE for a creative writing piece and a B in Art. My mother is very practical, my sister and foster mum very logical. I was encouraged to read as a child, but progressed into writing when I started secondary school. So it isn’t hereditary for me, although I would love my children one day to all be writers just like Mummy or theatre affectidos like Daddy 🙂


  6. Was anyone in your family creative at all – maybe even a good cook, or a builder or anything that ‘creates’. Your ability is to write – but it’s still creating. Your sister for example – writing and art. It’s there….lurking in your dna…Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂


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