Goals For The Week

My goals are coming a few hours late today – well, for me anyway…….another early night last night…… There’ll be two posts today – The Sunday Session will feature in the evening 🙂

Ok, goals for the week. Last week, I wanted to tackle a few crosswords – well, I not only tackled, I finished the issue! I had to go and buy another one yesterday afternoon. Once I start, I can’t stop – obviously 🙂  Because of the crosswords, I didn’t get to do much reading. However I did get to writing….yay me! With this writing though, I have some new ideas about how I want the story to present itself so I have to go back and edit a few scenes. Oh, and last weekend I met another mental health nurse who gave me some very good information on which websites to consult for research (the first one I met was around 4 months ago when I first started writing my WIP).  This will help me tremendously in assessing Emma’s condition – but the good thing is that as she suffers from psychosis, there is no ‘set’ and ‘conclusive’ diagnosis so I’m allowed to use some creative licence there. I’m quite relieved as I’m a bit of a stickler for facts – my fact checking can get a little out of hand!

My goals for this coming week are pretty much the same – writing, crosswording, reading, researching…..yadda yadda. What I’d like to share with you today is an idea I’ve had and I would like your honest opinion about it. I’ve decided to use self publishing to my advantage and put my poems in a little book and throw it out for the world to see. In simpler terms? I want to self publish my poems. I have, oh, about 70 that I think might be worthy of someones time (I’ve posted some of those here on the open mic nights) and I would like to get some experience.

I’ve read about Amazon’s self pub service which seems like one of the easiest ways to do it. If you have any information and/or experience I would LOVE to hear about it – good or bad. I’d also love to include some pictures to accompany the poems and thought of collaborating with a photographer who wants to get their photos out there. Lots of ideas in my noggin at the moment – what do you think?

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10 Responses to “Goals For The Week”

  1. I’ve always considered self publishing as an option myself. I’ve had a look up myself and found out there are two which I trust: CreateSpace and Lulu. But you’ve got to be cautious of “vanity publishing”. I know someone that published through Lulu, so that is what I recommend. They even do cover art. Hope this helps! 🙂


  2. Definitely LULU. It’s the best publishing option (and it’s free). It can be a bit tricky formatting the pages but it’s a step by step process and you can always go back and change if they’re not exactly right. Best of luck 😀


  3. What have you got to lose? I say go for it, especially with your poetry as this genre of writing is said to be the hardest for a newbie to get a conventional publishing deal in.

    I intend to self-publish some short stories as e-books, hopefully soon, and am using Scrivener to write in as this exports your work into e-book format if required. Don’t know much about lulu but I assume this is for hard copy?

    Good luck 🙂


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