I’m Back! (And, Goals For The Week)

Oh, how I missed everyone!Β How I missed my blog! I’ve been itching to get back in the swing of things and catch up with everyone’s posts. I did love my extra long weekend break but all I’ve been thinking about is writing. It was good not having my laptop – I didn’t feel pressured to write however I did have access to a computer so if things got desperate, I had a plan B!!

So, I’ve been back for a few days now and it’s time to get the creative juices flowing again. I have my cup of coffee, I have my thoughts and I have interesting developments for I Am The Damned. I haven’t written for almost a month but it’s ok. I’m still completely in love with my story – it’s going to be written.

As for my goals, they haven’t changed too much. I have a new book to read – Kathy Reichs’ Bones Are Forever and I want to get cracking with that. I’m back on to my crossword puzzles again – my one vice when I’m on holiday. I didn’t read one word of the books I took but I devoured my crosswords πŸ™‚ Β And I find that these little things really do exercise the mind which ultimately help with writing. So goal no.2 is to get through at least 3 this week (with no peeking at the answers!!). And finally goal no.3 – work on I Am The Damned. Whether it is writing a chapter, paragraph, sentence or character/plot development – it doesn’t matter, I just want to see my baby grow.

So I’ll sign off tonight with a little pic of me at Sorrento beach. The only warm and sunny day I had the pleasure of experiencing during my 5 day stay. Gotta love Melbourne!

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Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

14 Responses to “I’m Back! (And, Goals For The Week)”

  1. Welcome back! Hope your break was a good one.


  2. Oh, Vee, that beach looks gorgeous! So nice to have a break. I love crossword puzzles, too, and like to do them while I’m on the subway. Some of the clues and words do get me thinking in new directions. My daughter is doing her best to persuade me to do NaNo…that would mean actually thinking of a Work – in progress or not! Hmmm, we’ll see. Welcome back! xoM


  3. What a lovely picture! No wonder you didn’t write, it looks like so much fun!
    Good luck with your story. Even a small step every day will move you forward. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Kirsten, this was the only sunny day over the 5 days I was there so we lapped it up. It wasn’t swimming weather but the beach was occupied. I love that about Australia πŸ™‚


  4. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing break V πŸ™‚



  5. Welcome back! You don’t look relaxed at all on that beach πŸ˜‰


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