Open Mic Night

Today’s piece is another poem from my late teens. I think I wrote this one in 1995. I hope you enjoy it.

The wall of stone has crumbled

Her many tears still fall

But all she feels is confusion

The tears she cries are now of sorrow

A memory kept alive in her soul

Her heart – never buried

Just a tired forgotten

Isn’t afraid

Yet still not strong

Otherwise hoping

Forever holding on…


** I’m off to Melbourne for a mini break from this Thursday till next Tuesday so my next blog post will be that Tuesday evening. See you all then! 🙂 **

About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

7 Responses to “Open Mic Night”

  1. Have a lovely relaxing time V 🙂



  2. Enjoy your break! Since you’ve got the open mic, thought I would throw my latest idea out. Recently I had a notion for a children’s tale. Something tweenish, maybe slightly younger, with illustrations. Anyway, I’ve been kicking the idea around in my head… So here it goes.
    There is a place that exists… Not here in the physical world. Rather it is in a collective subconscious that every person shares, unbeknownst to them, where their dreams gather.

    It is here, in the mixing of Dreams that we have: The Dreamscape. It is a wondrous place where Daydreams become Nightdreams. Those wonderful flights of fantasy that occupy our minds during the day, wish to become part of us through the night. We, as children, allow the Daydreams to take root in our minds. If we concentrate hard enough and at just the right time, those mere thoughts sink deep down into our brains.

    The subconscious transfers the fantasy into the Dreamscape. Where, infused with the child’s belief and imagination it becomes a Nightdream, thus returning to the child magnified, enhanced, and full of wonder. Granting the dreamer peaceful rest filled with their good ideas.

    Although the Dreamscape’s purpose is the most altruistic conceivable, problems begin because wherever there is light, inevitably there is dark. And so it goes in the Dreamscape. The perils of childhood manifest themselves as monsters within the Dreamscape. Bullies, schoolwork, fears of the unknown are all fodder for the creatures. These monsters prey on Daydreams at the moment that they shift towards a Nightdream. Should the monsters attack the dream at the proper moment, it is interrupted and transforms into a Nightmare.

    A dream holds a certain amount of energy within it that is brought on by the Child’s imagination. The monsters harvest this to feed the Nightmare King as a manner of tribute. The Nightmare King is every bad thought, dream or notion which children think of. He often takes on the form of a long snake-like dragon in order to slither his way through their Dreams.

    Childhood dreams would never reach their full potential if it were not for the assistance of the Protectors, Defenders of the Dreamscape. The Protectors take on the form of cats: Agile, intelligent and fierce, these creatures patrol the Dreamscape searching for any hint of the Nightmare King or his minions.

    The conflict goes on and on, behind the scenes where no one typically see. Sometimes the Protectors have the advantage, while other times the Nightmare creatures rise in a swell of fear and uncertainty. The Nightmare King seeks to crush the Protectors so that he may have total control over the Dreamscape, which would give him tremendous power.

    Every Day the Protectors set about the business of watching over the Dreamscape. In the physical world they appear to be sleeping cats, lazing about in a sunbeam. The reality is that they are Schrodinger Cats, able to phase-shift into the Dreamscape as an astral projection of themselves in their true form.

    The Nightmare King, ever seeking new ways of gathering power is poised to launch a new campaign for control of the Dreamscape. All that he requires is a moment of weakness and a young child filled with doubt. For that makes the Daydreams weaker, more vulnerable. The balance of the Dreamscape will soon be decided, by a child named: Ethan.

    This is his tale, and the tale of a small team of Protectors willing to lend him a paw.
    Insert dun-dun-dun here. Thanks Virginia for the open mic. I hope I am not wearing out my welcome! Ta.



  3. Congratulations! I’ve nominated


  4. Congratulations! I’ve nominated you to take part in my WordPress Survey 2012! 🙂 All the rules and info can be found on my blog:


  5. Have a lovely time 😉


  6. Hi Virginia! Just wanted to let you know I have tagged you to participate in The Look Challenge—a fun and creative way to show off some excerpts from your work in progress! More information about the challenge here:

    Cheers and enjoy 🙂


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