The Sunday Session…What Are Your Thoughts On… Twitter?


Tweeting. Twittering. Twitting.

In other words, do you tweet? Do you use Twitter as a platform to promote your writing (published or otherwise) and/or your blog? As you probably know I do have Twitter and the only time I use it is when my blog goes up (it’s linked to my Twitter account) and when I’m retweeting something off someone else.

I have only *just* started getting the hang of hashtags. I just can’t seem to get my head around it. What am I supposed to say? What is remotely interesting in my life that some person in Canada or Spain will want to know about (stretching it here, but you know what I mean).

Do I promote my blog? My #WIP? What? Isn’t it all very me, me, me? Or is that the whole point?

How do you use it? (if you do actually use it).



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21 Responses to “The Sunday Session…What Are Your Thoughts On… Twitter?”

  1. I use it for blog promotion as well, but I also write general things as well so people don’t think I’m “spamming” them with my blog all the time.


  2. I’ve only been on Twitter since August and I’m not gelling lol 😉

    I usually RT stuff that’s interesting, or I Tweet blogs and articles I’ve read that I think MAY be beneficial to other writers. I don’t use it for personal stuff and only occasionally Tweet my blog. So other than that, I’m not too sure what else I should do with it lol 😉



  3. I occasionally use it to promote my books, but mostly I use it as any normal person’s twitter, posting about what I’m doing and interacting with others. Personally it annoys me when some people use a lot of hashtags and links in their tweets. =/


  4. I do tweet. But not much and not enough. My blog is set to relay to Twitter, so there’s always that one thing and most days I fiddle around for half an hour night and morning. Which is about what I can stand. And this week, not even that because I’ve been away. This week I have just about managed to write the blog and everyone will think I have abandoned Twitter and LinkedIn and so on.
    I am hopeless with social media really.
    When on Twitter, I reply to other tweets, talk about news, radio items like the #newsquiz and so on. I do like the hashtags and since I began using them I do get some replies which is better than shouting in the wilderness. Recommend #myWANA #amwriting #amediting #writegoal where people do pretty much deign to reply.


    • I tend to hashtag writing only – I’ll try #amwriting, see if I get any responses. Now, LinkedIn – I’ve tried using it once or twice for my blog but it didn’t do anything for me 🙂


      • The trouble with LinkedIn is that you have to spend so much time on there. I’ve got about ten people who have written to me with lots of lovely ideas/thoughts/advice, but I don’t go on there much and haven’t replied to them yet. I’m not sure it’s going to enhance my reputation – they’ll all think me very rude!


  5. My blog links straight to Twitter, as do my facebook statuses, other than that, I don’t tweet nearly as much as I ought to perhaps…


  6. I’m embarrassed to say that I am still baffled by twitter. I don’t get it.


  7. I haven’t done the twitter thing yet. I’m not sure if it will help me with my writing or not. Do you find it distracting?


    • Personally, i don’t find it distracting however I do sometimes enjoy the tweets. I follow a couple of comedians and they come out with some doozy’s sometimes. Lately I’ve gone on it every morning and then again every evening. My phone has a twitter app that you can configure so it vibrates whenever you get a tweet (as in, someone tweets with your @username in the tweet) but I’m not that popular I’m afraid 🙂


  8. I use twitter terribly. Most often the auto-tweet from WordPress. However, there are times when (like this morning) I felt the urge to tweet a photo of the sunrise (because I am THAT guy.) I’d like to be more prolific, but like you I am not sure what to put out there that the world may care about. Especially when compared to some of the funny/creative people that I follow. I certainly do not want to have some kind of forced humor or be redundant. The other things is that it is one more something that needs to be managed. Do I really need to add more business stuff (all the stuff that circles over my writing that isn’t actually writing)? There are folks who say yes, and those who say no. I suppose when it gets closer to actually trying to sell my work I may find my tune changing. I’ll be sure to tweet and let you know! \^_^/


  9. I’m still getting my head around it! Not really sure how it works 😦


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