Insecure Writers Support Group

Ok so I’m a day late (which is happening a lot lately!) I have one thing to blame this time: school holidays. We were out all day yesterday and I fell into bed at 9pm exhausted and possibly heat-stroked.

I hope I can still post – I will anyway – because I love being a part of this group.  My one major insecurity this month is that I’ve lacked focus – again. I haven’t written much at all and my WIP is stagnating. The other night, I went through it and edited a little but the muse has been on holiday I’m afraid. My Greek music is still being played but I’m not ‘feeling’ Emma at the moment. Actually, I’m tired of writing about her angst and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m ready for her to get better, to realise that she’s sick and deluded. But for me to get into that head space, I need to write. I need to sit down and write. The motivation is just not there.

Can I blame the school holidays again? I don’t want to. Quite frankly – I’m over the whole ‘blaming’ thing altogether. Our 6 week summer holiday is coming up after Christmas. What will be my excuse then? There is no way I’ll let 6 weeks go by without putting pen to paper (or, in my case, finger to keyboard).

What do you do when the motivation isn’t there? I know, I know, persevere. Push through it. But still. I want my muse back!!

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10 Responses to “Insecure Writers Support Group”

  1. I think I’m a new member! 🙂 When it comes to motivation, I think you need to raise it up a little bit, start again with something small, and work your way up. For example:

    Diary Entries
    Writing to do with your job


    WRITING! 🙂

    Hope this helps! 🙂


  2. I am really bad at keeping at something when it stagnates. I usually skip to something else. Since you seem to have trouble sticking to the feel of this character, maybe you could try something humorous or more light-hearted? I’ve found that having several projects going means that when you run out of energy on one style, you can try another and you’ll be able to think about what to do with your WIP without feeling depressed and thinking you’re not doing anything.


    • Thanks for the advice 🙂 It makes sense and I have been thinking tentatively about maybe a short story. It’s still very very early days though. Maybe I should focus my attention on this? I just don’t want to let my WIP slip away, I’m in love with it 🙂


  3. Have you thought about taking a break V?

    I know it sounds kind of like a contradiction, but, sometimes, I find stepping away from something, doing something else, really helps 🙂

    Good luck honey xx


    • Yeah, Vikki, I think I’m going to have to 🙂 I’m going away for a few days at the end of the week and I’m umming and ahhing about whether I should take the laptop or not. Maybe I should just make a clean break, focus on rest and relaxation and then pick up where I left off. If I get desperate to write (hopefully!) I do have a smart phone so at least theres that option 🙂


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