Open Mic Night

Tonight I am going to share a part of Emma, my main character, that doesn’t come up very often throughout I Am The Damned……the nice, soft side of her…..which is all well and good however even in her niceness theres still a very small element of crazy. Not sure if you can pick it up though (I can, but I wrote her). Let me know, wont you?

To be honest, I’m a little reluctant to go down this road with her because I don’t want it to seem like a love story – well, it is a tragic love story of sorts – but what I’ll be posting today is a flashback scene of Emma and Adam’s first date (and yes, incase you are wondering, I did give Angus a name change. I’ll explain at a later date).

Ok, so here goes.

It was one of those warm, balmy nights. The heat of the day lingered on past sunset, confirming that summer was well and truly underway.
I wore a navy blue flippy skirt dress with shoestring straps. I had been to the beach that day so my skin was nicely tanned.
I glowed.
He made me glow.
He picked me up and oh, how gorgeous he looked!
White shirt, top button undone. Black trousers. Simple yet so so gorgeous.
He had opened the car door for me and he smiled down at me as he closed it. 
Adam was one of those guys that couldn’t put a foot wrong. Good job. Good friends. Good family. Good attitude.
He made me feel like I could have it too. I liked the way I felt when I was with him.
‘I’ve booked a really nice restaurant,’ he said as he manoeuvred the car out of the drive. ‘The atmosphere there is great. Nothing too posh though, I don’t think we need the added pressure,’ He looked at me and smiled.
Thank god I thought. Atmosphere was good. A group dynamic is definitely needed to help break the ice. I liked the way he thought.
As we stopped at a set of traffic lights, he glanced over at me and smiled again. ‘You look drop dead stunning,’
I blushed and thanked him. I returned the compliment and he reached over to take my hand.
I felt like I was in an old Hollywood movie where the leading man is perfect and the leading lady is perfect for him and they get married, have perfect babies and live perfectly ever after.
Was he my perfect Hollywood ending?
He kept breaking the silence with a few jokes. They were very, very bad jokes but I laughed nonetheless. I think he knew I was laughing on purpose so then he started laughing and for a while there I forgot why we were laughing.
The laughter helped ease the tension.
Throughout the night, I kept thinking how perfect he was. How so goddamn perfect this man sitting in front of me was.
Everything he did was almost a cliché. Even the way the candlelight flickered on his face was a cliché. The way his beautiful lips moved when he spoke; the way he bit his lip as I spoke. What was he thinking about?
Was he thinking about me, lying naked next to him?
Or was that just me?
Was he thinking about me caressing his skin, kissing his mouth?
No. That thought was mine. I wanted it to be a reality. Desperately.
And then he asked me about my family. Did I have any brothers or sisters?  
My body went cold. I would have to tell him sooner or later.
No time like the present.
‘I do have a brother and a sister. David’s a couple of years older than me and Rose is the baby, she’s 20 now’ I smiled ‘Turning 21 in a few months. She’s recently engaged……’
Adam waited for me to finish and when I didn’t he smiled back at me. ‘You’re fond of your sister aren’t you?’
I nodded. ‘I’ve had to look out for her quite a bit’
‘Why’s that?’
I had a feeling I was trying to stall him. I wasn’t very good at it though. I think he could see right through me. No, I knew it.
‘My dad left us when we were teenagers. Fell in love with another woman, a colleague. They moved in together, got married,’ I tried to look cool and collected. I wonder if he could see my heart breaking.
‘Oh, that’s awful. I’m so sorry’
I gave him a weak smile. ‘Thanks. Yeah, it was a shock. One minute he’s planning our Christmas holiday and then the next…..’
Thankfully, our waiter interrupted me. I looked up at him and mentally threw my arms around him and planted a huge kiss on his hollow cheek.
As he spoke about the fish and the steak and the kitchen sink, I forced my mind to think back to a couple of minutes ago. To when I was imagining Adam lying next to me. His body touching mine. His kiss sending fireworks through my –
‘ – you like?’ I think I was asked a question.
‘I’m sorry, I’ve been in another world’ I quickly skimmed the menu, feeling flushed. I hoped Adam couldn’t tell. ‘Can I please have the seafood platter for one?’
The waiter jotted down the order, took our menus and promised us it wouldn’t be too long. I wonder how many times he had to say that today?
He smiled, excused himself and made his way to the kitchen.
Adam went back to telling his horrific jokes. I went back to my fantasy. This time it was more than his kiss sending fireworks through my –
‘Seafood platter?’
Again? F***ing waiter.
I put up my hand, he planted the plate in front of me.
I made a mental promise that I would not throw myself at Adam tonight. Not tonight. I wanted to go slow with this one. As hard as it was going to be, I would have to resist.
As I watched him slowly eat and chat, my ever-growing desire spiralled out of control.
I wanted to tell him to meet me in the ladies room.
But I kept that one to myself.
We finished our meal, shared a chocolate gelato for dessert and then he took me to the bar at the back of the restaurant for a drink.
He had a small shot of Grappa and I had a brandy. I wanted to have him, but unfortunately my choices were only limited to alcohol.
We made more small talk but it was impossible to hold a proper conversation with all the noise. He suggested we go outside which was a great idea. I wanted him all to myself.

You know, every time I read over this scene I feel more sorry for Emma. Probably because I know whats coming for her… much as I love her I think she needs this next challenge. Is it sadistic that I cant wait to write about it?? I think on my next Open Mic Night, I’m going to tell you what I Am The Damned is all about. I’m super excited about it! 🙂

And remember, I look forward to reading your excerpts too so share away!

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2 Responses to “Open Mic Night”

  1. I definitely got the element of something off with Emma in this! The little hints like ‘My body went cold. I would have to tell him sooner or later. ‘ and ‘I wanted to go slow with this one. ‘ gave me chills. Really good stuff. 🙂 I was glued to the whole excerpt.
    I’ve got one that I’ve been itching to post somewhere, and this might be just the place. 🙂

    The ground spun beneath her feet, twisting, turning darker until she found herself standing on the slate roof of the old mission. Darkness filled the windows, black as the empty eye sockets of its long lost founders. She stood shivering in the night breeze, wings of bats brushing against her cheeks, the scent of wilted blooms wafting into the night air on dry winds.
    “Libra … ” A vaguely familiar voice, resonant but not as melodic as the echo of the stranger she was afraid to love, caressed the inside of her memory. “I’ve found you at last.”
    “I was dreaming, wasn’t I?” she asked.
    More like a shadow than a man, he stood beside her under the moonlight.
    “Yes, you were dreaming,” he said. “Did it make you happy?”
    “I’m …. not sure,” she replied.
    The stranger traced his forefinger in an arc in front of him and then opened his palm skyward. The sky burst with silent fireworks, in blue and red and violet. Trails of embers settled next to her on the roof, while others chased the darkness from the courtyard below.
    “Quite a day, wasn’t it?” he asked and the last of the fireworks hissed as they left grey ghosts of ash hanging in the sky.
    “Who are you?” Already she’d begun to lose the voice that spoke in dreams.
    Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she could see his profile, the way the corner of his mouth turned, almost too delicate to be the lips of a man, the angular nose that made up for it, and his worried brow.
    His lips turned to the beginnings of a smile and said, “I’m Rafael…”
    Libra gasped.
    “Moore,” he finished.
    That would explain the resemblance.
    “Nick’s father? But–”
    “The very one.”
    “Abigale told me…”
    His refined mouth drew into a smile. Two stars chased each other as they fell from the sky above his head.
    “…You were dead,” she said.
    Rafael turned to face Libra. When he smiled the resemblance to his son was even stronger. His dark brow, the black hair that framed his face, the shadow of his beard in his hollow cheeks, all recalled those of the son.
    The only difference was his eyes. Wide-set, but instead of turbulent grey eyes that questioned and lingered on her with fascination, were dark sockets, empty and revealing the starry sky behind him.
    “And your point?” Rafael asked.


    • aaaaand………then what?! I’m hooked!! That’s brilliant Kirsten – I want to read more of it 🙂

      And thanks for your insight re my excerpt – I’m really happy you picked up on those little Emma nuances. Even when she was happy, she was still suffering from her undiagnosed condition so it still needs to show now and then.


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