7 Day Challenge – Day 4; A 5 Minute Free-Write

Today’s challenge is to spend 5 minutes in complete silence with  zero distractions and write about what manifests during this time. I know that this is quite a common writing exercise but to be honest, the last time I have done this was during a high school English class! Wow – that was a long time ago!! I remember it well……big bubble in the middle of the page. Lines jutting out of it in every which way. What did we call it? Brainstorming.

Anyway. I have to somehow find a way to immerse myself in silence. I have 2 kids. Got ear plugs? Hell yes!

Here goes.

She carefully peeled off her mask only to find another one underneath.

The skin dragged against the rubber. She felt alone, cold, hurt.

She tried to peel off the second mask – her fingers couldn’t separate the skin. 

It’s a mask. It’s not me. It’s a mask. It’s not me. It’s a mask…….it’s not me……..

So I’m given 5 minutes and this is what I come up with. Not feeling it, I’m afraid. But I’ll post it. Even with the ear plugs in, I could still hear the excited yelping and screeching. So I’ll blame the kids 😉


About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

2 Responses to “7 Day Challenge – Day 4; A 5 Minute Free-Write”

  1. you have no idea what I would give for five minutes silence, roll on school term


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