The Sunday Session – What Are Your Thoughts On…

……Spellcheck. What do you think? Is this useful tool making us lazy? Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away we had to rely on our Collins or Websters Dictionaries. We actually (read: in real life, in real time) had to proof read our work very carefully to find the typos. And now? A little click on this button …

 …. and its all done for us. All we need are those pesky red lines.

Good ol’ spellcheck. Blessing or curse? Discuss 🙂

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13 Responses to “The Sunday Session – What Are Your Thoughts On…”

  1. It’s made me lazy, but damnit if it isn’t convenient!

    That said, I have to make sure my laziness doesn’t result in goof-ups like putting “or” when I mean “of,” or leaving “and” without the D. “An” looks pretty normal in a paragraph.


  2. Curse. Sometimes it saves me from a mistake, but it more often places obstacles in my way. Especially the grammar part of it. I have a degree in English language and literature – I know how to spell Microsoft damn you! But I still won’t turn it off! Neither does it negate the need to spend more time editing a manuscript than you do writing it in the first place!


  3. It tells me my name is a spelling mistake. Of course it’s a curse!


  4. Hmmmm, I’m torn….it’s a blessing and a curse lol.

    I was saying yesterday to someone, the spell check on my iPad is a nightmare….. My husband, who’s name is Rob, has suddenly become “Rib” or “Ron” lol 😉

    I think it’s a useful tool for a wtiter, but, you still have to check your work thoroughly, as even spell check makes mistakes 😉



  5. Scietnists hvae discvored taht you can sitll raed qiute well as long as the fisrt and lsat letters of each wrod are corrcet.

    Now I don’t believe you should go that far, but I think spellcheck tools are getting better especially when they have contextual capabilities. You still have to check your work though otherwise you’ll have people ‘peddling’ their bikes everywhere.


  6. It’s nice to have. The dictionary is one of my favorite books, anyway. It’s not just about checking the spelling. When I look up the meaning of a word, especially one I think I know, it always reminds me that words are concepts and, quite often, it takes my writing – and thinking – to a deeper place.


  7. It’s a convenience, but unfortunately it’s probably become a crutch for anyone who’s grown up with a word processor. Heck, I still have to hand-spell some words to be certain I have them right.

    I think it’s already been mentioned too, but spellcheck doesn’t catch everything! It won’t correct “here” for “hear” or “they’re” for “there,” etc. Proofreading, therefore, should not be a lost art!

    One of the most perplexing and maddening things in my time as a university writing center consultant and mentor for writing classes was seeing a paper where a student had clearly NOT used spellcheck. HOW do you miss that? In this day and age spellcheck is a must (though it will not save you from all errors, it should be the bare minimum at least)!


    • Do you think its because people are getting lazy due to text talk and abbreviating words for messaging? Sometimes I find myself starting to text in the standard txtng way and I quickly backspace. The more we train our brains to ‘speak’ like this, the more we’ll get used to it.


      • Haha I know what you mean! I make a conscious effort to use REAL words myself (even in texting), with some exceptions like lol. I think you’re absolutely right; the way you practice is the way you perform! So if you train your brain to use loads of abbreviations you might have a harder time filtering them out…

        Anyways to answer your actual question I don’t know if it’s necessarily that people are getting lazy (though some defo are. …See what I did there? ;)) so much as a combination of changing technology and culture. My fear is that that culture may lower the standards of our language! :/


  8. a semi-useless tool for those of us (read: Me) who fail occassionally to proof read their own work. I’ve been using a spell checker since the mid-eighties with MS-Word 1.x, and I have to say, I do not think the spellchecker is making me lazy. I feel that it is a time saving tool, but like all tools, it must be used properly. i.e. Proofreading your work afterwards! Same with grammar.

    As for text talk, BAH! I curse the teen-y-booper wanna be hackers who created l33t speak (precursor to text talk) for use on IRC. I think it’s rising popularity has allowed younger generations to be less concerned with how they speak or write, which in general makes communication that much harder.

    Papercuts and lemon juice all around for the next person who LOLs me…. ;-> (note ironic use of emoticon!)


    • l33t – that sounds so familiar. Could you refresh my memory on what it is?
      My most hated ‘text’ word is ‘dis’ as in, this. Wot r u dng dis aftn? (what are you doing this afternoon). Makes my skin crawl.


      • l33t is IRC shorthand for Elite. As in: UR L33T Hax0r. ‘You are an elite hacker’. Which is something a hacker would certainly not say to another. Definitely crawlin’ skin time there.


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