Goals For The Week


Saturday is upon us once more. This week has flown by and I apologise to all my lovely fellow bloggers that I have not been able to stop by and read your posts (I did try the other night but I fell asleep with my laptop still on!). End of the week is always hectic here. But fear not, I have shipped the kids off to the grandparents tonight so I can get some much-needed R’n’R…..and much needed friend time…..and much needed writing time.

Ok. So, lets see how things went this week. A recap of my goals set last Saturday:

1/ I wanted to up my word count to 2500 words

2/ Start my family history assignment

I’m pleased to say that I achieved both goals….(sort of. See goal 2/ below 🙂 ). I managed to write 3325 words of my WIP (yippee!). I’m currently working on Emma’s past which is proving to be quite difficult to write. Because my narrative for Emma is very unemotional and almost staccato-like, writing her in a happier time, where she projects a much more carefree attitude, is harder than I thought. I still want to keep her short, to the point voice but I do want to show the reader that she was in fact happy at one stage in her life. Hmmmm…. I foresee lots of editing with those flash back scenes.

Now, onto my second goal. Please tell me, who is ever excited to do homework!! So, no, I haven’t made an ‘official’ start to the assignment. I have jotted down notes and thoughts though. To be honest, I can’t write an essay with the kids around (it’s easier to close out my surroundings and lose myself in fiction writing) so now that they are out for the night, I can concentrate on knocking that out in a couple of hours.

Again, I’m  not going to set myself a third goal. The most important thing for me this week is to finish my assignment, hand it in and work on my WIP. I love seeing the overall word count rise and I want to get to 10,000 words by the end of August. Well, there’s my third goal. And I didn’t even mean to do that! 🙂

So what are your goals for the coming week? Remember, sharing is caring :). And tune in tomorrow for The Sunday Session, I’m cooking up an interesting topic we can all talk about 🙂


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17 Responses to “Goals For The Week”

  1. Oops. Goal setting is a very good idea. Used to do it.
    Seem to have slipped out of the way of doing this, but will begin immediately.
    Days have a habit of disappearing into a fog of un-begun and unfinished projects, especially when busy.
    Thank you for the timely reminder.


    • I used to think I didn’t need goals when it came to writing – winging it just doesn’t work in this respect. Once I started setting goals for myself, only small ones, I found I was a lot more productive. I don’t like to give myself too many goals as I am a rebel at heart ( 🙂 ) but 2, 3, 4 are ok for now and I find myself hitting them almost every week. I hope you get back to goal setting, and thanks for coming by and commenting! I hope you’ll come back again 🙂


  2. Great job on increasing your word count. I usually begin each round big with several goals neatly mapped out. Most days I struggle to reach my 250 word minimum. Life jumps in the way, many times. I’m working on clearing out the clutter so that, I too, can increase my word count. I’m a pantster but I am slowly moving to planner. I think an outline will help… Hey, look at that! Reading about your progress helped me brainstorm about how to increase my progress! Awesome! Thanks and keep up the great work!


    • Thanks, I’m so pleased with my progress 🙂 Afew weeks ago I had a daily word count goal but it was too difficult to stick to. An overall weekly goal is easier to focus on – and it works much better for me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting – I’m glad I could be of some help to you 🙂


  3. Editing is probably the way to go with Emma. I find that sometimes I need to write volumes about an idea in order to whittle it down to what I’m actually trying to get across and in the tone that I want to project. While I’d like to think that my ideas are so well thought out that I can just sit down and write, I realize that what makes sense inside my head and what makes sense when read aloud aren’t always the same thing. Enjoy your weekend! xoM 🙂


    • I’m trying not to edit as I go. I have a bad habit of hitting backspace…..often 🙂 As I type, I remind myself that its only the first draft….only the first draft…….and so on and so on. I’m getting better 🙂
      I hope you have a great weekend too 🙂 xx


  4. I think I ought to start setting myself a word count goal aswell. I did when I started my current WIP, but as you say life has a way of creating distractions…so my goal for the week, as inspired by you, is to set a goal for the week.


  5. Goals? What are they? 🙂 Congrats on reaching yours. It’s a euphoric feeling when you exceed them. As for me … ever watched a cat distracted by a butterfly? I’m like that at the moment. Received an unsolicited message rhyming with scram, but this one was interesting about Parisian tote bags. Of course, I don’t want them for myself (that would be weird), but my immediate thought was about one of my characters and she loves baskets. So I’m thinking should I spend some time designing a basket into the shape of a stylish tote bag …


    • Heh heh…..the mental picture is hilarious! Although Parisian tote bags sound tres cool! Im sensing the word ‘procrastination….’ – does that mean anything to you? 🙂


  6. I like how you have only a few goals for the week. I wish there was a way I could do that!
    As it stands, my goals are everywhere and nowhere at once. Write new words, post on the blog, revise and revise some more … must ponder how to make this easier!


    • Yeah, thats how I was – completely all over the shop with a to do list as long as my leg. When I felt myself drowning, I chose 2 of the most important things to do and made them the priority for the week. Now, I cant even remember what was on that to do list because Im focussing on the most important things – my WIP and my assignment. Maybe try writing every single thing you can think of that you need to do and (depending on the size of the list) choose the most important things and stick to that for one week – see how it works for you. I hope that helps 🙂


      • I’m definitely going to give this a shot! Making hardly any progress on a whole slew of projects will get frustrating over the long haul.


  7. Good luck honey 🙂



  8. I hope your plans went well this weekend. It sounds like you are picking up steam on your WIP, excellent. My writing goals this week are pretty simple: write an epilogue to ‘A Dirigible Disaster’, make the rough edits for Ch5,1/Ch5,2/Epi and schedule them for posting on the blog. Doing that will free at least two weeks to work on other writing side projects. Point of honesty – I have not gotten around to drawing the cover like I wanted to two weekends ago. I was side-tracked by painting in acrylics on the front porch with my son. It was one of those unplanned afternoons of fun that I would not trade for a completed manuscript.


    • I found I was getting sidetracked quite a bit during the waking hours – so now that I write in bed after everyone is asleep I’m getting so much done with my WIP and not feeling guilty that my kids aren’t getting any of my time. Works for everyone 🙂


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