The Opposite Of Writers’ Block……

… managing to break through that brick wall once and for all. I’m not sure there is a term to phrase it. But I can tell you what it feels like to me…..YIPPEE! Writers’ Yippee? Yeah, why not 🙂

And oh, how I am experiencing this right now! I feel so proud of my progress. I am over half way through my 1500 words goal as it is and I’m going to do some more writing tonight.

I can safely say that buckling down to write when I haven’t been in ‘the mood’ helped with breaking down this wall. Again, that old chestnut – ‘Just Keep Writing’. It’s very true.

I wasnt in the mood; yet I wrote. I wrote, what – 200 words? Not much. But what happened is the following: I found my character. I found her voice and I began to understand what she wanted to say. With this, she became a lot more interesting and I could begin to see her past unfolding. She became appealing. She made me want to write her story.

And now I have that little writing gremlin niggling at me all day…counting down the hours till I can get in front of my laptop and begin to tap tap tap away.

My parting advice to all you newbie writers out there: JUST KEEP WRITING.

Believe me – and I cannot stress this enough – JUST KEEP WRITING. The muse will come back. I promise.

About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

10 Responses to “The Opposite Of Writers’ Block……”

  1. How about Writer’s Flow, or Writer’s Gusher! Congratulations!


  2. It’s pretty friggin’ insane what can happen when writers actually sit down, cut their distractions, and write!


  3. Outstanding! Congratulations on finding your characters voice. That is a huge hurdle.


  4. Yes, exactly. Keeping at it, in spite of self-doubt (Inner Editor in the land of Nanowrimo) yields the most surprising results.
    There might always be higher brick walls to scale, but word after word all of them can be overcome. Awesome breakthrough!
    Intoxicating, isn’t it?


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