Know Thyself Challenge – The End Has Come

I have been a little awol over the past few days – and through no fault of my own! End of term and my son’s social life is to blame! Oh – and I indulged in some socialising too, which I am glad I did. I needed time away from the computer.

But I’m back, and ready to close off the Know Thyself Challenge with the questions below. Enjoy!

Day 24: Who Are You Writing For? Do You Have A Target Audience In Mind?

I write for anybody who enjoys reading about the darker side of life. I’m not a negative person by nature however I do like to write about the more serious issues. My stories aren’t exactly ‘lite’ reading.

Day 25: What Makes You Want To Write More?

My absolute love of the written word. My absolute love of story telling. And if I read a good book – this motivates me to no end.

Day 26: Who Do You Trust To Read Your Writing For Critiquing Before You Decide To Submit Your Work?

I would love to be in a position to show my almost submitted work to someone who has been down that road already. A fellow writer who can offer me critique from all aspects of writing – not just from a readers point of view.

Day 27: When Was The Last Time You Wrote Something You Didn’t Expect To Write?

I don’t have many moments like these. For this to happen, it means that I have to be finely tuned into my characters – to get what they are trying to say and how they want to say it. There will be no disconnection from the story. I am right there, playing my part as the fly on the wall. This is when my narrative is spot on – when I am fully immersed. I wish I could give myself like this more. The last time this happened was recently but I want it to happen more often.

Day 28: When You Write, To What Degree Do Real-Life Experiences Serve As Inspiration?

As you may or may not know, I thrive on every day experiences. Strangers inspire me. Real stories inspire me so I do try to incorporate these stories into my writing, especially when I am building my characters. Though for my current WIP I have looked into myself for inspiration. I have taken my biggest demon, made a caricature of it and presented it to my main character. This has turned into a horrific nightmare for her. However her essence, her frame of mind – it all began with me.

Day 29: What Do You Do While You Write? Do You Listen To Music, Watch TV, etc?

I need my bottomless pit of coffee. If I don’t have this, I can’t write. Normally, I like to write in silence however from time to time music does play a part in driving the mood of a particular scene – but this isn’t often.

Day 30: What Has Been Most Positive For You During This Challenge? What Are You Looking Forward To As You Move Forward With This New Insight About Your Writing And Motivation?

This challenge has made me question why I write – but in a good way. It has made me think of the types of stories I want to tell – and why I should tell them. Will they serve a purpose? Will they help people in the long run? Am I writing flash fiction? Is my work going to be remembered for centuries to come? I guess these are very out there questions for an unpublished pleb like myself but I believe the best thing for me is to start small and build from there. Currently, I am writing about a topic I know mostly everything about and this has made writing much easier. There is no immense amount of research I have to do, which is great because I can focus purely on the writing.

I think moving forward is the right way to phrase it – it is absolutely new insight which I am excited to use and hopefully this will strengthen me as a writer.

There. That’s it. Another month done, another challenge put to rest. Don’t forget, I want to know what YOU all think too so please leave some comments for me below. I have really enjoyed everyone’s input over the past month. Let’s see what writing challenges July will bring us!

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9 Responses to “Know Thyself Challenge – The End Has Come”

  1. Thank you for letting us get to know you. You are certainly braver than I am!


  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge honey 🙂

    Do you feel more focused now?



    • Thanks Vikki. Yeah, I really feel that I have to prioritise my writing, especially if I want to get ahead with my WIP (which has stalled big time!). I’ve learnt that no matter how naturally writing comes to me, prioritising is probably the hardest thing to do! 🙂


  3. Here we go… #24 – I write to tell a story, a creative exercise since I can’t really do any other sort of artistic pursuit. #25, feedback, great ideas from seemingly thin air. #26 I trust my wife and several other writers. #27 Last month. Wrote a couple of flash and short stories that just jumped out. 28. Less than 30% of the time do I write about real life experiences. This is due to the fact that I am writing largely fictional works. This is not to say that real life does not influence the work though. Setting, character attributes, behaviors and themes are some of the items that real life affects in my writing. 29. I write to music most often. I listen to the same playlist throughout a story, it becomes a soundtrack to the story. 30. Refelecting on the themes and learning a bit more about myself as a writer. That and hanging out here with everyone on Poeta Officium!


    • Lol, thanks! Its nice to know you think of my blog as a community! I think so too 🙂
      I love that you have a soundtrack to your stories – I may just try that one to set the mood a little better. Infact, I will. 🙂


  4. Great answers to some great questions. I have tried to live by the Socrates quote “the unexamined life is not worth living,” and as a writer, examing the reasons behind writing are as important as any others we can answer.

    Keep on keepin’ on!



    • Thanks A.M. That quote says it all doesn’t it? Another way to say ‘avoid complacency as much as you can!’ Well, I try to at least. Complacency in writing is just as stagnant as complacency in life and we really should try to avoid it as much as possible.
      Good ol’ Socrates – one of the many reasons I am proud to be half Greek! 🙂


  5. 1/2 Greek? I will trade you 1/4 of my German for 1/2 of your “1/4” Greek, so if my math is correct, it’s an even 1/4 for 1/4… yes? We have Goethe and Wagner and Nietzsche and Marx and Engels und Oktoberfest. That’s a steal!

    And I agree completely. Stagnant lifers will inevitably be stagnant writers, and active writers will experience life with a vigor that most could never imagine. As for the quote, seeing as this is one of the few I have consistently embraced on a level past “wow, that’s deep” or “damn, why didn’t I think of that,” I actually named my little pug friend Socrates. He has his own Twitter account, @SocratesPug!/SocratesPug <—– He follows back!



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