Know Thyself Challenge: Days 19 and 20; Revision and Support

It’s hard to write when you’re ill. I’ve had the flu for the past few days and I haven’t been in the mood. The other night, I forced myself to blog. Last night? Meh. I’m much better today – thank God – because if it’s one thing I hate, its being sick. Bound to my bed (and not by choice!).

So my step has its spring back. And so has the writing. Today’s double-decker for the Know Thyself Challenge?

1. Describe Your Revision Process.

Hmmmm. I use backspace. A lot.

That’s it.

In an ideal world I would write my first draft, set it aside for a month or so, pick it up again and read. As Stephen King says in his memoir On Writing, write the first draft with the door closed, edit with the door open. Such good advice that I hope to take on board. Because unfortunately, I am not that strict with myself. Case in point, I wrote a couple of really good pages the other night. I was so pleased with what I had written. It was one of those fingers-cant-keep-up-with-the-mind scenarios. Magic.

So instead of continuing on that wave, I got off. I stopped writing. The words stopped coming so I stopped writing. I came back to the same pages the next night, looked at the words and started to question. Started to rehash. Again!!  I really need to break this bad habit, otherwise my WIP will remain at 2 pages for the next 15 years.

2. Who Has Been Your Biggest Writing Supporter?

My biggest supporter? That should be support-ERS. As a young girl, my mum and grandma.  As a teenager, my best friends (who are still in my life today). As an adult? My man.

Over the course of, lets say, 25 years I have been able to count on any one of these people  for encouragement in times of self-doubt. As a writer (as you all know) periods of self-doubt come about often. Taking on many guises. Anger, sadness. That heaving despondent feeling……need I go on? When I would say ‘but I cant do this!’ they would say ‘of course you can!’. When I would say ‘can I do this?’ they would say ‘of course you can!’.

But if I was to look at this question and answer it plainly and simply, I’d have to say my biggest and longest running supporter would be my mum. But that’s a given. It’s a no-brainer. My mum thinks I’m cool.

There you go. My answers for today. Now its your turn 🙂

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5 Responses to “Know Thyself Challenge: Days 19 and 20; Revision and Support”

  1. Lets see, revision…Write stuff down. Print, red pen hack-n-slash, enter changes into computer, read again, change any major things that jump out at me. Put that particular piece of writing aside for a time. I do not have a set period. Usually I move to a new/different piece and work on that, then come back to the first. Rinse…Repeat…

    Biggest writing supporter: My Wife. She is sixteen kinds of cool, always a cheerleader and an objective voice. Sounds like those last two might conflict, but they don’t. When it comes to actually writing she is all for it and encourages me. When it comes to reading something, she is direct and honest, and most of the time reading outside of her normal tastes. She has excellent critiquing skills, and I value her opinion over anyone else.


    • That’s fantastic, your wife sounds like a real gem 🙂
      I find what I’m about to say unbelievable but supportive partners are few and far between. Especially with the creative arts, not everyone takes it seriously.


      • I agree with you. Although my wife and I have very different tastes, we complement each other, balancing each other out. She is my most stalwart champion. 🙂 My writing would not be where it is today without her support.


  2. betterlettered Reply June 22, 2012 at 01:34

    So difficult. I hate to share my work before I’m happy with it, and I’m never really happy with it! ;D


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