Know Thyself Challenge: Days 17 And 18; It’s All About The Genre

The main theme for days 17 and 18 of the Know Thyself Challenge is GENRE. So many genres to choose from. They’ve been created, amalgamated, left for dead…..ever evolving. So, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours 🙂 .

    1. Which Genre Of Your Writing Is Your Forte?

I tend to write angst ridden stories. I used to think it was my ‘teenage angst’ but through the years, whatever I have written has always leant towards the emotional. Anger, lust, sadness. I don’t like to write happy. I don’t like to write romance. Not entirely sure why but it has always been this way. I can express myself a lot better with the negative emotions. 

2.    Which Genre Of Writing Have You Not Explored But Want To? Why?

I’m a closet sci-fi fan. Well, ‘closet’ is the wrong word. Wannabe? Ok, let me explain. I love Dr Who. I love anything that involves time travel. I’m not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination (nor a Star Wars-ian… that the right term? Correct me if I’m wrong) however I love space travel, air crafts, light sabres and Darth Vadar. I would love to do a story about a time traveller, jumping back and forth through space. Encountering space beings, other galaxy’s.

Why? I really can’t pinpoint one thing. All I know is that it’s a genre I have always been fascinated by.

Alright. You’re turn. Pick a genre. Any genre.


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5 Responses to “Know Thyself Challenge: Days 17 And 18; It’s All About The Genre”

  1. I enjoy Science-Fiction/Fantasy and the subgenre: Steampunk. Its the flexibility of the genres, the go anywhere, do anything, make it up as you go along aspect is very appealing to me. I am held back only by the limits of my imagination. Strangely, I have not contemplated other genres. I have thought about different age groups, YA versus what I currently write. Though, I guess you could say Children’s books. I have thought about that, co-writing with my wife and illustrating them. My stringent requirement there is that is has to be about cats. I’m not entirely sure why. They are great subjects though.


    • Would you say that children’s books are harder to write than adult? I’ve often wondered this but had no one to ask! 🙂


      • In my head they aren’t. The main issue is one of refinement. Trying to distill the story down to a couple of sentences per page, and keeping it on the child’s level. I think the initial concept/outline/characters takes just as much effort as an adult story, the rough draft takes a lot less time. The refinement though, that polishing up of every word, double checking every meaning of each sentence. That can take a while.


  2. Hey

    ‘So many genres to choose from. They’ve been created, amalgamated, left for dead…..ever evolving.’ – I completely agree and I also completely empathise with how somehow it is easier to express negative feelings in writing – I feel the same way too, but I just don’t know why! I’m normally a positive person but read my writing and it’s often pretty dark.

    Which Genre Of Your Writing Is Your Forte? – I’m not exactly sure about genre. I dabble around in all them, but I know I’m comfortable in writing dark stories, mysteries, suspense stories and thrillers. Those are my forte. I enjoy reading them equally, but I feel like writing a quirky comedy, then I do, I don’t necessarily stick to just one.

    Which Genre Of Writing Have You Not Explored But Want To? Why? – Fantasy and romance (not together!). I want to write fantasy, but I want to read more of it before writing it, just so I feel a little more confident about what I’m getting myself in for. As for romance, I like reading the realistic contemporary fiction romance, but just need to develop the skill to write it. Getting the right amount of everything is in really important

    Nice q’s!

    ~ Jay


    • Ah, fantasy! Yeah, I’d like to write fantasy too. The one book I really enjoyed reading was The Time Traveller’s Wife (the movie? not so much!) because that had the right amount of romance in it without it being schmaltzy. It’s not like with crime and thrillers – the gorier and scarier they are the better. You can’t do that with romance, I don’t think. Put too much gunk in it and it becomes….well…..schmaltz 🙂


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