Know Thyself Challenge Day 13; What Motivates You To Keep Writing?

This is what Writer’s Relief is asking today: What motivates the writer to keep writing?


For me, its knowing that I will feel that sense of relief after I have finished my piece. Whether it’s my 500 words for the day, my short story, my brainstorming session. Its knowing that I will eventually sit back, sigh in satisfaction, knowing I have exercised my brain. Knowing that I have contributed once again to the written word.

What is your motivation?

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3 Responses to “Know Thyself Challenge Day 13; What Motivates You To Keep Writing?”

  1. Self-satisfaction, definitely!


  2. The urge to tell a story. To create, dare one hope to say it? Art. I write because I am flooded with fantastic ideas and notions and I just have to ge them out. That is why I write.


  3. I think what motivates me to write is the characters in the story. When you start thinking about an idea long enough, you begin to think of the characters as people, you picture their whole lives, even stuff that are irrelevant to the story. Just thinking about the journey in their novel is enough to make we want to write about them, they’re just so exciting. That my biggest motivation if I’m true. Similar to SFBELL09

    Self-satisfaction is also a great one too 🙂

    ~ JLT


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