Know Thyself Challenge: Day’s 7 & 8; Organic Writing

Hmmm…not sure if the title of my blog post today fully illustrates what it is about. However seeing as I am combining days 7 and 8 of the challenge, well, I figured it made sense. You’ll see what I mean.

Ok – so after yesterday’s pause (very very busy day!) I am back to the laptop; ready for the next instalment of the Writer’s Relief Know Thyself Challenge! Here are the questions for today:

    1. Does Inspiration Happen Organically Or Do You Need To Seek It Out?Ā 

I find that like most writers I get my good days and not so inspirational days. I think, to generalise, I do get inspired a fair bit so yes, if you want to call it organic then please be my guest! I get inspired when I’m driving, walking, reading a book, having a conversation with a friend (which happened today actually – a very good idea for my next project!). Very rarely do I sit there and seek it out. Occasionally I will use sites like Pinterest for that visual stimulation but I find that the more I write, the less I need to ‘egg it on’, so to speak.

2. Ā  Ā How Old Were You When You Started Writing? What Did You Write?

Whenever I’m asked this question, my mind always takes me back to when I went to a full on Catholic school that was run by nuns. I was only there for 1 and a half years and I had some nice friends but I also remember introducing myself to the macabre. I think this is when my imagination became strong enough that I had to start writing things down. I wrote about dark things; death, coffins, sadness. I’m not sure if my innocent 8-year-old life had anything to do with it but I remember being fascinated by all things ghostly. This is when I started reading scary books too. It was probably my creativity starting to form shape. The words followed naturally after this time. Once I started at my new school the following year, creative writing was my strongest subject.

Cool questions, weren’t they? I had fun exploring my mind to give you some interesting (I hope!!) answers.

I’d love to know how you source your inspiration – does it come naturally or do you need visual stimulation?

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6 Responses to “Know Thyself Challenge: Day’s 7 & 8; Organic Writing”

  1. I just kind of spew out whatever comes to my head…I guess that’s organic! šŸ™‚


  2. I LOVE all these questions you’ve been answering hon šŸ™‚



  3. A lot of my inspiration happens accidentally/organically, meaning I generally do not sit down and will it to happen. Things I experience can trigger a moment of inspiration, and then I find that there is usually a cascading effect as one idea falls into another. I started writing in my freshman year of college. That lasted for about 4-5 years. Then I was side tracked for a good 16 years or so, by the process of actually growing up (read maturing into a functional adult). Now, I have been writing in a much more serious capacity since 2008. Then it was short stories science fiction, poetry. Now Science Fiction/Fantasy/Steampunk. I have on occasion jotted a poem or two, but nothing of note recently.


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