Know Thyself Challenge: Days #4 and #5; Reading For Inspiration

Today I am back on the Know Thyself Challenge wagon after my wee hiatus yesterday to blog with the Insecure Writer’s Group. As I missed yesterday’s question, I thought I’d bung it together with today’s – an amalgamated challenge. So, the questions are:

1. What tends to serve as the most reliable source of inspiration for you?


2. What do you hope a reader will take away from your writing?

Actually, both questions go hand in hand for me. I am mostly inspired by other people. Chance encounters with people who could potentially read my novel(s). I want them feeling inspired after they finish reading my novel(s). And so on and on it goes. Like a magical circle of readership and inspiration.

What inspires you? And what do you want your reader to take with them after they’ve finished your story?


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Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

3 Responses to “Know Thyself Challenge: Days #4 and #5; Reading For Inspiration”

  1. You’ve only gone and won ANOTHER award! The Reader Appreciation Award – – CONGRATULATIONS!


  2. The most reliable source of inspiration is other people’s work. Whether it is literature or film or art (webcomics, illustrations or physical sculpture), I generally can’t be stuffed with television, I find all sorts of neat ideas, notions and thoughts that become my own. I try not to lift directly from their work, because it is after all their work and I want to create something of my own. What would I like a reader to take away from my work…A sense of “that was time well spent.” Some thoughtful reflection on a theme if I addressed one in the story, and most certainly some kind of emotional response. I hope that my writing, though completely simple, can touch a person and make them feel a variety of emotions as the story unfolds.


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