Writer’s Relief: The Know Thyself 30 Day Writing Challenge; Day 1

What a wonderful week it was. Getting to know inspirational people who blog, write and – well – inspire was an absolute pleasure! Thank you again to all those that participated!

So now, its onward and upward to my next challenge! I came across this on Writers Relief; a literary treasure trove. They help you with professional submissions and provide links, tips, advice and a blog – which is where The Know Thyself 30 Day Writing Challenge came from. I thought this would segue nicely as I spent the last week getting to know fellow writers; how fitting that I would start a getting to know me challenge! I do know myself quite well by now but as a recently awakened writer it would be nice to try to discover things I have hidden deep in my sub-conscious.

In order to participate, you need to like their Facebook page as the daily challenge prompts will be posted there (link here). The challenge is self-explanatory and I quote ‘We would love to see how our intensive, soul-searching challenge affects your life and how it leads you to a deeper understanding of your own writing’.

I’ll be starting today and posting my progress here as I go (as well as on their FB page). The first question is…

What do you consider your greatest strength as a writer?

In one word? My imagination. It’s the first thing that came to mind. I have always had a strong imagination and my stories would come to me so quickly – especially as a child when logic and reason didn’t exist. The ‘that could never happen‘ train of thought never entered my mind. It’s the one thing I fight with now; trying to convince myself that, well, maybe it could happen. I look at JRR Tolkien and the magic he created. He didn’t have inhibitions that stood in the way of his masterpieces. I look up to that.

So, people, please share: What is your greatest strength?


About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

8 Responses to “Writer’s Relief: The Know Thyself 30 Day Writing Challenge; Day 1”

  1. Really enjoyed your week of guesters hon 🙂

    Good luck with this next challenge



  2. My greatest strength is that I always have something to say and I’m not afraid of saying it. Took a long time to get there! 🙂 Look forward to getting to know you better – already like what I know!


  3. Rumor has it that I can write a pretty vivid description, so I am going to say: Imagination as well, or the ability to translate what I see in my mind (whether real or fantasy) onto the written page.


  4. I can make people laugh! I would do so here now, but it’s way too early in the morning and I have not even brushed my teeth yet. Is it smart for Twitter to take priority over good dental hygiene??


    • That’s a great gift – being naturally funny doesn’t come easy! Hey – it’s never too early to laugh!! 🙂
      Look, up until I got too busy with writing, Pinterest took priority over most of everything in my life so I understand where you’re coming from!! 🙂


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