Guest Post #1 – Vikki ‘The View Outside’

Ok, so the first day of Guest Post Week. Are you ready for this?

As I mentioned in my post last night, we kick off the series with Vikki from The View Outside. An outstanding blog – very down to earth yet informative and inspiring. Please go and check her out, it’ll be worth your time 🙂

Right, let’s get started!

1. What Inspired You To Write Your Current WIP?

My current WIP was written for Nanowrimo 2010 and currently stands at 65,000 words. Unfortunately its still unfinished and needs a lot of editing. I seem to work really well writing to the demands of Nano, but the only downside is that I don’t edit while i write, so you can imagine what a mess its in lol. It was inspired by an episode of Jeremy Kyle where there were 2 brothers on stage with a girl who had a relationship with both of them. Unfortunately, the whole situation had got messy….the girl was in love with brother A but it was brother B who was in love with her. I’m not sure where the rest of the story came from though. It’s basically about a woman who has to deal with the suicide of her husband and then the arrival of his brother who, actually, was the one she loved, but didn’t marry. It’s a riches to rags story (I like to play God! lol) and I havent quite decided yet, whether the villain is still the villain by the end, of whether he’ll have a change of heart 😉

2. If There Is Anything You Could Do Differently With Your Writing If Given
The Chance, What Would It Be?

Hmmmmm…..The only real mistake ive made, that i realise now, is not formatting/setting my novel out from the start. Thats been hard 😦 I’m slowly going over it and putting paragraphs in etc, but its hard work, and, something that could have so easily been avoided. A first draft doesn’t have to be perfect by any stretch, but, trust me, set it out correctly from the start and perhaps spell check occasionally, or, you’ll end up regretting it…BIG TIME *sighs*

3. You Have An Auditorium Full Of Aspiring Writers – What Is The One Most
Important Piece Of Advice Would You Give Them?

Only one? Wow…..*thinks*…… Ok, the one piece of advice i would give ANY aspiring writer is……


Even if you think it’s really rubbish. Even if you think no one will ever want to read it. The way to improve your writing is to practice practice practice. Yes, you will write rubbish, we all do….but, as you learn (1) you’ll get better and (2) you can go back and change things to make them sound better. I’m a big believer in using daily prompts (and have done so since the 1st January 2012). I use Judy Reeves book The Writers Book of days, but you can use photos, spam e mails, TV shows, the news, magazines. Inspiration for stories is all around us…USE IT 😉

Thank you so much Vikki for giving me your time. I hope everyone reading this can take something from it.

My next victim is David McGowan from The Hunter Inside who will feature tomorrow. See you then 🙂

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8 Responses to “Guest Post #1 – Vikki ‘The View Outside’”

  1. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to be a guest. I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed 🙂

    Don’t forget to let your readers know they can be nosey and get a peek at your desk over at my place on the 1st 😉



    • No worries at all my dear, it’s been so much fun! 🙂
      And yes, I will introduce myself over to you on the 31st . Thanks for featuring me on The View Outside 🙂


  2. Great stuff Virginia and vikki. And your advice is definitely something I take to heart. I’d rather go down in flames trying something out rather than to sit idly on the sidelines. As I like to quote often (from an Opertation Ivy song) ‘If you never ask no questions, then you never get no answers.’ Bad grammar aside, it is applicable to a great number of situations. Get that first, second, third or whatever story out and on paper. If it isn’t well received, that’s ok. Learn from it and move on to bigger and better!


  3. Hi, I’m a firm believer in inspiration being everywhere! I watch the news a lot, and it just shows you so many stories. I love this blog, because it really has great advice in it! Thank you for the follow! Keep inspiring and writing!



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