Photo Of The Week: Super Moon

I think I will post a picture a week. I’ve seen this done on so many blogs and it’s incredibly interesting to see what people find inspiring. So I thought I would do the same. Share with you a sight that has taken my breath away. I don’t normally take photos. Though I do witness moments of beauty that inspire me. A few months ago at sunset, the sky turned pink. A bright yellowy pink. It was absolutely gorgeous. I did try taking a photo of it but my trusty iPhone did not do it any justice.

The last time I truly felt in awe was 2 weeks ago when we were able to witness the ‘supermoon’, the night our lunar friend became 14% bigger than usual. We walked down to the beach and stood in the direct path of the moons’ light. The glow gave off a warmth that I have never felt before. It wasn’t warmth you would typically feel from the sun. It was balmy and cool at the same time. But you only felt this if you stood in the path of the moonlight. Words cannot describe what I saw. I did take photos and after some Photoshopping, this is what I can show you.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this? A majestic pathway into the horizon. Would this be heaven?

What moved me was the fact that this is all nature. Not one single person created this. It is not a drawing, a painting, a cartoon. This is the day the moon decided to show us what a magnificent space body it is.







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4 Responses to “Photo Of The Week: Super Moon”

  1. This is so beautiful! I tried to take a close up picture with my zoom lens and it turned out ok, but yours really captures something. I love moonlight reflecting on water. We live by a large lake and I always try to catch it and see it reflected when it’s full.


    • It really was gorgeous. The photo was taken after sunset but it looks like an hour or so before. I just couldn’t get over it. Some of my favourite things are natural (like when a big flock of birds fly overhead) – this took my breath away.


  2. sweet photograph! Wish our view of the supermoon looked like that. Itwas still pretty darn sweet though.


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