Challenge Day 7; Write A Review: Why Social Networking Is Your Friend

Once upon a time there was no internet. People would meet other people face to face. We would pick up our phones – that were attached to the walls in our homes – and call people. To arrange to meet them. Face to face.

Simple times, yes?

Well, to a point.

When used correctly, the internet can offer us a truck load of possibilities.  It’s because of this the world has become much smaller. I can easily communicate with someone in Iceland or Alaska without ever having to leave the comfort of my house in Australia. I can eagerly share a photo of my top-notch mocha from my favourite coffee-house with people I will never ever breathe the same air with.

Social networking is an absolute godsend when it comes to self promotion. I myself haven’t utilised it enough.  To be honest, I havent figured Twitter out yet. I know that it’s not rocket science but hashtags? Trending? Huh??

Facebook  is a fantastic tool if you know how to use it properly. Creating your own page that you can dedicate to just your craft? What a wonderful option for people who want to start small with no cash outlay at all. Having a corporate advertiser on your side is great but these people need to be paid. And usually in large amounts.

Would someone like Justin Bieber have gotten to where he is now without the likes of YouTube? He posted his videos as a way to showcase his talent,  got noticed and the rest is history. Where would someone like that be 20 years ago? Or even as little as 10 years ago?

Social networking affords millions of people the chance to self promote because lets face it, for writers the whole publishing dance ain’t easy. Firstly, it’s actually getting a publishing house to read your manuscript. Finding someone to accept it, edit it, publish it. Promote it. That takes time; money. Something that most people don’t have a ton of. I’ve ‘met’ some great authors since I’ve started blogging – authors I would not have had the pleasure of reading if it wasn’t for WordPress.

So my advice to anyone starting out? Social network like it’s going out of style. Use it. Abuse it. (Within reason of course).

To the experienced social networkers out there, do you have any favourite sites or strategies that have helped promote your work?


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9 Responses to “Challenge Day 7; Write A Review: Why Social Networking Is Your Friend”

  1. Great post and so very true. It’s amazing to see how empowered the individual has become. I too must crack Twitter, as I have to spread the word and connect with readers to shift some copies of my new novel! I’ll remember to check out the links you provided. Many thanks!


    • Thanks for reading and commenting David. I’m glad I could help! Hey, when you crack Twitter could you please give me some tips?? I honestly do not know how to get around there the way some people do! 🙂


  2. Hi Virginia – thanks for including my post in your reading list. Good to meet you:)


  3. Totally agree!!! My business wouldn’t be where it is today without Facebook! The ability to tag your busy on peoples profiles means even though I have 370 likers I reach closer to 1000 Facebookers!!!! Twitter is beyond me still lol.


    • I did think of mentioning your business Michelle, but I wasn’t sure if you’d mind or not lol. As I was writing this post I thought about how far you’ve come and how Facebook has really helped spread the word for Think Cakes. 🙂


  4. I have dipped a tentative toe in the waters of social networking. I see the value, but I am loathe to just plunge in with reckless abandon. As I get closer to publishing some work, I will have to explore more things like Google+ and Facebook etc.. Good thoughts on the subject.


    • Thanks. I got onto Google+ the other day and I felt incredibly lost. Isnt it just a googlefied Facebook? I think the best one for writers would be twitter but then you’d have to have the followers to benefit from the exposure.


      • Yes gplus is the google answer to facebook. And it is confusing. Finding followers can be tricky business, but if you are persistent and study the proecss (which I have not 🙂 ) they will grow, just like your blog.


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