Challenge Day 6; Answer A Question: My WIP and Why I Write

It’s a beautiful sunny day where I live, freezing but sunny. I have the heater on, laptop on my lap desk and my daughter fast asleep next to me on the couch fighting a nasty cold.

So I thought, perfect time to sit back with my coffee and write my penultimate challenge post. Today’s topic is to answer some questions. When I posted my Answer A Question post I invited you to ask me a question so I could use it for today’s post. Vicki from The View Outside asked me to elaborate on my WIP and when/why I started to write. I’ll try to keep both as brief as possible!


At the moment, it’s working title is Her Dance With Life and Death. I’m definitely going to change it because this particular title paints a picture of niceness and la-di-da-ness when in fact the story itself is quite disturbing. I’m leaning more towards a title of I Am The Damned for 2 reasons:  1/ The story will be told from the protag’s POV and 2/ She really is quite damned.

Her biggest fear is rejection and being out of control of her situations. Unfortunately this leads her to ‘accidentally’ murdering her first boyfriend. This leads her in a downward spiral that ends with a surprising revelation – and shows us that despite being a psychopathic young woman she is still capable of love. She just chooses to ignore that part.

This is definitely a work in progress but I’m rather excited about it!

I was very young when the desire to write crept in. I think I was in year 2, which would make me roughly 8, when the stories started to get written. I don’t remember what I wrote I just remember that time period and spending a lot of time on writing and drawing. The art never took off, I found I expressed myself a lot better with words.

I started getting recognition from my teachers of the stories I wrote in creative writing classes and of course, that inspired me to write more. English was always my favourite subject, I always excelled. And part of English was story writing. I always felt that writing was a part of me, there was never that one lightbulb moment where I thought ‘Aha! I will now pick up this pen and write’.

I wrote this post, No One Is An Island about moving through many schools during my childhood which I believe contributed to my writing. Always being the new girl, not having many friends….it was an escape. My safe haven. Locking myself in my room for hours and writing. People do wonder why I didn’t ‘rebel’ like most kids do. It was because I actually enjoyed being in my room, creating interesting faraway worlds that I was a part of. Why would I physically want to leave the comfort of my bedroom to venture out with irresponsible children and possibly get myself into trouble (or worse) when I could put pen to paper, be the master of my own world and stop when I felt it was time to stop? Besides, I had plenty of time to get into trouble. I always knew that I would one day fly the coop and live my life. I just didn’t want to do it behind my parents back.

As I write this, I am taken back to those wonderful times. Being so excited to write. Counting down the hours before I could go home and write. It’s actually inspiring me right now. So much so that I am going to refill my cup with that beautiful nectar of the Gods and continue on with my WIP while my daughter sleeps.

As always, feedback is very welcomed! If you have anything to say about my WIP, I’d love to hear it! Good, bad, constructive – I’m open!


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4 Responses to “Challenge Day 6; Answer A Question: My WIP and Why I Write”

  1. Wow, your WIP sounds just up my street!!!!

    I actually quite like the first title lol. I like titles that intrigue me 🙂

    Good luck with it hon xx


  2. I’m starting to think the same – I’ve had a few people tell me to keep this title. Glad you like it! 🙂


  3. Intriguing tale. Though not quite my usual genre/subject to read. The second title is rather given to introspection and I suspect ties in neatly with the Protagonist’s mindset.


    • Yes, you’re absolutely right. While I can understand why a ‘misleading’ title would work, I’m just afraid that it doesn’t represent what the book is about. My protagonist is very very mentally ill…..and the ‘dance’ part of the title negates that. I don’t know….we’ll see.


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