Challenge Day 5; Writing And Childcare – A ReBlog

I’ve had to chop and change the rules a little with my challenge this week. Basically adjusting it to fit my lifestyle. A couple of posts ago I was going to post a review however as I sat down to write it – and the post was getting close to the 1,000 word mark – I thought ‘who is going to read all this!’

To say it was bloody long is an understatement.

And condensing it wasn’t an option if I didn’t want to give the plot away. So it got me thinking a little. What happens to parents who don’t have all the time in the world to dedicate to our blogs? On top of that dedicating time to our WIP‘s?

As you all know I have 2 young kids and those kids have more of a social life than I do most days. Sport, play dates. And I like to catch up with my friends some times. Hanging out with the Hulk… all adds up. This train of thought inspired me to write a ‘top tips’ post (which was today’s challenge) and I was going to write it on tackling writing when you have a young family.

However, while trolling for inspiration I found a post on juggling writing and children – and I just have to reblog it. The very talented Roger D Colby from Writing Is Hard Work guest posted on Ileandra Young’s blog Writing: A Conversation Without Interruptions (which I’ve recently started following) and it couldn’t be more on the mark. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did: Guest Blog: 5 Tips To Balancing Writing With Childcare

Do you have any top parenting vs writing tips you’d like to share?

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3 Responses to “Challenge Day 5; Writing And Childcare – A ReBlog”

  1. I LOVE Roger, his blog is always full of interesting tips 🙂

    Now you just need to follow that advice, and that’s the hard bit lol



    • Yeah, he’s great. I’ve got so many of his posts bookmarked and/or printed out for reference.

      Oh, tell me about it! When I put the kids to bed (they share a room) I sit in there with them till they fall asleep. Last night, I was itching to get my post out so I was sat on my daughters bed in the dark typing away. I was so tired, I didn’t want to stay up till after midnight to do it. Multi tasking is the key! 🙂 x


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