Everything Zen? I Don’t Think So.

I don’t like Sundays. Never have. Don’t think I ever will.

I can’t think of anything significant that happened to me on a Sunday that would warrant such a negative feeling. So why such a harsh reaction toward an innocent day? One that expects nothing of us other than, well, nothing. A day that offers respite from a hard-working week.

What’s that song that comes to mind…..’Lazy Sunday Afternoon’……you know, the one by English band Small Faces.

‘Lazy Sunday afternoon, I’ve got no mind to worry. Close my eyes and drift away…..’

Well, unfortunately I do have a mind. Unfortunately it doesn’t like to switch itself off too much. Or, rather, EVER. However, the lyrics of this song may be the reason why I’m against Sunday’s. I just don’t like the word associated with it. Lazy.

I can’t remember the last time I ‘lazed around’. I kid you not. And it has nothing to do with children. I get my down time away from them. They go to school and I make it a point to dedicate at least one of those days to myself. But what I classify as down time may or may not be actual ‘down time’ to others.

Being physically lazy on purpose is one thing. When you’re tired. At the end of a busy week. I indulge in that one quite often. But lazy in the mind, on purpose? Nope. I missed that train when I was, oh, 2?

If you look at it from my perspective you will realise that I’m not trying to tread on your God-given right to laze. You see, even when I’m trying to tune out from my noisy surroundings or take a night off from writing, I’m still engaging my mind. I read. I do crosswords. I do some family history research.

I have never, ever been able to switch my mind off. I tried yoga once. That lasted 1 month. If I watch television, my programs of choice are documentaries. I love the Biography channel.

Yes, I do enjoy watching sitcoms. Friends, Will and Grace. Frasier. But even as I watch, I’m constantly thinking. Of my next story idea. Of my next blog idea. Of a crossword clue I’ve been stuck on  – 5 down or was it 3 across? – oh! that’s it!! I race to my crossword puzzle, fill in the word. This will lead to solving the next clue. And so on and so forth.  My mind is a constant spinning wheel of words, ideas, to-do lists.

Everything zen? In my head? I don’t think so…..

About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

2 Responses to “Everything Zen? I Don’t Think So.”

  1. Ha ha ha, I am soooo with you on this!!!!! I don’t think I know HOW to chill lol

    Someone once asked me “what do you do to relax?” It suddenly hit me, I don’t DO relaxing, I’ve always got something I’m doing. Even when I watch TV I have my notepad open in front of me, jotting down ideas.

    I hate Sundays too 😉



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