Calling All Crime Writers!

A few posts ago I wrote about research and how people felt about approaching professionals/real life people to get advice for their stories when the internet ceased to help. I was so pleased I wrote about it because I got such good feedback! If you’d like to check the post out, along with the very informative comments, click here. This post obviously applied to all genres, not just crime.

So why did I call crime writers to attention? Because. I just discovered a fantastic blog by D.P. Lyle, MD over at The Writer’s Forensics Blog and I urge – plead, in fact – all newbie crime/thriller/murder mystery writers – and anyone else who hasn’t come across this super-duper informative website – to go visit it. Right now. Even if you have the teeniest tiniest element of crime in your work in progress, trust me. Go. Click on the link and GO!

Forgive my extreme enthusiasm over this – I’m sure many of you have heard of this blog and read it regularly but I really did want to share the love. Especially since I have been wanting to research crime related subjects for a couple of weeks now and unfortunately with school holidays this week, the library hasn’t been on my to-do list. Well, actually it has. To go and get books on rainbow coloured sheep? Yes. To quietly research crime and forensics? Not so much.

Since discovering this blog – oh, say about a week ago, I have been on it around 644 times and I haven’t even touched the surface. Not even close. To say there is a plethora of information would be the understatement of the year. I’m so pleased I came across this blog. An innocent click from a random blog I was visiting.

Let me know what you think.


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3 Responses to “Calling All Crime Writers!”

  1. Some day I’d like to write a crime mystery, but I’m just not to that point of writing yet. I’m still working on my first book, so maybe in a few years I’ll be ready. Thanks for the info!


    • No problem 🙂 I thought I’d share the love – can’t rate it enough! I’m being a little brave here because this is my first novel too so venturing into crime is a little daunting to say the least! But I can’t think of writing anything else. Which is why I was so ecstatic to come across this blog – a newbie like me can soak up all that information 🙂


  2. The Writer’s Forensics Blog really is a great resource!


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