Sexual Awakening? Nope….Writing Awakening!!

My goodness there are a lot of posts out there about not knowing what to blog about! And I’m sorry to say that this is not going to be one of them.

My problem of late is that blogging has gotten in the way of my writing. I have 2 stories that I am developing at the moment. One is a novel and the other one is looking more like a novella.

Problem? Problem?? Why on earth is this a problem???

Because I am focussing so much on blogging that my story writing has taken a backseat.


Admittedly, this has bothered me. Again, the schedule thing comes to mind. I have been good and have scheduled time for blogging but not for story time. Which is pointless seeing as I began my blog so I would be motivated to write. To clarify: I was supposed to be motivated to write stories. A novel.

But geez. I’m enjoying writing this blog so much! I love how it has changed me. For so many years I let my passion for writing become dormant. But since February 29 2012, this girl has reawakened. You know how people have sexual awakenings? Well, I’ve had my writing awakening. My mind is constantly switched on, trying to find the story within all human interaction. The words we speak, the way we say it. Expanding on an emotion. Feeding off someone else’s experiences. This alone is extremely exciting. It’s insatiable. And it’s making me feel alive.

I really shouldn’t be worrying too much about this. After all, one medium is feeding the other. So to say I’m satisfied is an understatement. That has to be a good thing, right?


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20 Responses to “Sexual Awakening? Nope….Writing Awakening!!”

  1. Great post! Very inspiring! 🙂


  2. Why is that ever a problem?



    • I think its because I actually want to sit and write my novel, but I never meant for it to come out as a negative problem (if you know what I mean). Thank you for coming by and commenting 🙂


  3. As long as you keep writing, no matter the format, you’re doing well 🙂


  4. I think blogging is a good way to make yourself write since here you have the public’s judgement against you and it is indeed a very different experience than writing a story or novel (I think). The same creative line but expressed into different directions.


  5. The blog is building your readership for your stories! Just think of this as a way of building up an email list to promote your stories and then it doesn’t seem like you’re being unproductive; it’ll seem like you’re a marketing genius!


  6. I agree that a blog should be for connecting with other people. A soapbox from which to share ideas, thoughts, make connections. As we have discussed in the past, I’d rather have a lively comments section than large stats 🙂


  7. Great post.. I totally get what you’re saying. I started my blog to act as a warm up for my serious writing and as a way to discipline myself. It was working until recently when life simply got in the way again..That said I’ll be back on bandwagon on the weekend.
    What I love about blogging is it has allowed me to write about things I normally wouldn’t have considered….


  8. Blogging definitely should somehow connect to other people. I like your thoughts on this but make time for your ‘real’ writing! That’s the most important. And thanks for becoming a follower of my blog:-)


  9. Totally with you on the awakening thing! I’ve been too busy to write, but I hate saying that to myself! Once my novel is out and everything is settled with the website etc. I’m going to hammer the novel writing. Honest, I am… 😉


    • Hahaha I believe you 🙂 I felt very guilty last night, sitting at my computert being very unproductive. Pinterest, Facebook….when I could’ve been writing……my excuse is that I was tired so the words weren’t coming. I did go to bed early. So not totally unproductive!


  10. Thanks for the award. And I know what you mean. I’m a new blogger, too and it’s been difficult to keep up with the novel writing at the same time. Oh well. It’s all about balance…and giving up the gym, time with kids, husband time, friends, um…chocolate, no! Never chocolate! well, maybe I better reconsider my balanced life. haha!


    • No problem, you deserve it 🙂
      Yeah, I find that if I don’t physically remove distractions then I succumb to them ie tv, web surfing…..sometimes I am just too tired to think and that is the only time I don’t write. But chocolate? Can never remove chocolate! If anything, chocolate is the motivator isnt it? Not sure how but if there isnt any chocolate life isnt worth it….. 🙂


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