Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

If there is one thing I love to do it’s throw a fancy shmancy dinner party with good friends. I love love LOVE waxing lyrical about all the things you’re not supposed to talk about at the dinner table; sport, politics and religion.

I will never forget Christmas dinner 1996 at my Aunt’s house. I will now paint the picture so you can understand how fun it was: 3 Greeks; 1 Brazilian; 2 Italians. 2 Greek Orthodox; 2 Catholic; 2 Pentecostal Christian. 2 Brazilian soccer supporters. 3 Italian soccer supporters.

To say we argued is putting it very lightly.

You’re probably thinking how on earth something like that would be fun? Well, it was. It….. just was. The banter. The ‘my team can kick your teams &*(!!’ comments (especially since it had been only 2 years since Brazil had beaten Italy in the 1994 World Cup……oh yeah!!), the mandatory war stories from the oldies. And don’t forget the lovely ‘you’re all going to hell if you don’t repent your sins’ remarks coming from my dear mama. If I wasnt in fits of laughter that night, I was in double fits of laughter. The finger-pointing, the growling, the holding of the grudges that lasted an hour or so……oh how I miss my family getting together. Very endearing.

Lets skip to present day when I would rather cut my arm off than have all of these people in the same room with me. As they say, you can’t choose your family. But you can certainly choose your dinner guests. And they happen to be…..

Richard Castle

Sherlock Holmes

Dr Jack Hodgins

Ah yes. My ideal dinner party.

I know that I could have been a little more adventurous with my choices seeing as this list is open to every single person that has ever lived, fiction or non. But at this point in my life, right here right now, these 5 people are who I would gladly have at my dinner table. Could you imagine the conversations we’d have? Each of these people is brilliant in their own unique way. Now before I get carried away, I am very aware that they may not actually get along at all (which would make it very interesting) but in my little head, in this little daydream everyone is getting along just fine.

However I am merely an observer. Taking in the words. The sentences. The ideas. Oh…the inspiration! I am in awe of what could be. I am in awe of what my thoughts are conjuring up. I can see it now. A large round dining table. A few empty bottles of wine. A few still-being-drunk bottles of wine. Empty dinner plates ready to be cleaned up but are being abandoned because everyone is so engrossed with the conversation. A heated banter between Stephen and Jack Hodgins. Richard discussing the classics with Wilde. Sherlock explaining his magnificent ‘mind palace’.

I can see it in front of me now. What I would give to make this a reality, even for 10 minutes!

Is this something that you have thought about? An ideal dinner party guest list? If so, who would be seated at your round table?


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