Free Copyright – Mine and Yours

If you recall, a few posts ago I was wondering about where we stand as writers and our work once it is published on the internet. You can read about it here. Through the comments of this post, I was directed to My Free Copyright via sfbell09 from Tales From Xira.  You may or may not know about this website already but I am so pleased I was told about it. I went and toured the site today, read through the terms and familiarised myself. I decided to submit 2 pieces of work to be copyrighted just to try it out. You obviously have to sign up to use the service but it’s all free. You do have update options for a fee but I’m not going to worry about that just yet.

Copyright has been on my mind a lot lately especially as I have chosen a title for my novel and wanted it protected somehow. Realistically I’m not sure what will happen if someone uses the same title and it is released before my novel is (I wouldn’t be so surprised if that happened; I’m taking forever to get an official start on it!) but at least there is a time stamp on it as of today. Who knows. I may be able to use that in a court of law…..


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9 Responses to “Free Copyright – Mine and Yours”

  1. I think it was my creative writing teacher who told us that titles can’t be copyrighted. So, if you wanted to write a book and call it A Tale of Two Cities, you could.


  2. This has been very helpful because I have been wondering about this, too. Thanks!


  3. Thank you for the link, I appreciate it. I have also signed up for the and set it up on my blog. Today I received notification that my two newest posts have been added to the ongoing list of my protected materials. No fuss, no muss, automatic. I am nervously approaching the notion of self publishing a manuscript, and will submit it to myfreecopyright as eell.


  4. Not a problem at all. You did let me know about it….must give credit when credit is due 🙂


  5. I guess an additional step cannot hurt, but something called the Berne Convention establishes that work belongs only to you essentially as soon as you think of it. Read more about it here:


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