The Writing Process

It has been almost a month since I started Poeta Officium. And in this month I have learned so much from all of you, I actually can’t believe how far I have progressed as a writer. I will now add the corny tear jerking ‘Thank you, thank you so much’ …. but I truly do mean it. Thanks for helping me along my journey so far.

One of the reasons I started my blog was to use it as a tool to keep me motivated with my writing. Another reason is I wanted to connect with other writers and this next question is for all of you that kindly stop by to read me…..

Do you have a process that you go through when you sit down to write? Almost like a routine. (Not a ‘plan my day to fit in writing’ routine though). I’ll use what I do as an example. When I sit down to write, I always – always – have a huge cup of coffee by my side……

Yes. One that is bigger than my entire body.

Because for some reason having this steaming cup of coffee by my side signals something in my brain that translates in to ‘Right, let’s get down to business’.

Even though music does motivate me and, at times, inspires me to write once I am actually doing the deed I need silence. If the urge to write hits me when my kids are being LOUD I am able to block out the noise (trust me, all parents have this super power) and tap away.  And if we are out, I carry around a notebook in my bag for this …

Love those moments…..

So, to summarise. My writing process involves lots of coffee, lots of silence and my laptop. The funny thing is that this process is used for other laptop related things aswell such as bill paying; internet research; forum reading. Pinterest.

I often think about when this routine began. Obviously it started when computers became the norm in households and workplaces. In my past life, when I was working as a secretary, I checked emails every morning. And what was the first thing I did when I got to the office? That’s right. Make myself a cup of coffee.

There you have it folks. You have just witnessed the birth of my process. I find this a very interesting topic. Getting into the minds of other writers. I would love to hear about your writing process . Please, share your thoughts…

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3 Responses to “The Writing Process”

  1. Generally speaking, I write (type) at a computer. So, sitting down at a desk is crucial. Depending on time of day either Coffee or water (am vs. pm). The only other ritual besides slinging words to screen is music. I tend to write to the beat. So if I am working on a action sequence there is generally some fast music on. Slower thinking section reflective music.

    As for writing as a process, I bang out the roughest draft imaginable, go through a print out of it with red pen, make the edits, repeeaaattt!!!


    • I’ve tried the music and writing formula but I just get so sidetracked. Its weird because when I was younger I would always do my homework with the music blaring. Funny how things change.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂



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