Short And Sweet

Quite frankly, that is how I prefer to write my stories. I’ve mentioned before that I have a stack of short stories in a box somewhere in the garage that I wrote when I was in my teens; well, nothing much has changed. So much so that I have decided to return to my roots. Instead of writing one long, continuous novel I am going to chop it up and have each chapter a short story in itself which will then tie in at the end. Much like a book series but compressed into one book instead of maybe 3 or 5.

I can’t tell you the trouble I was having when I was trying to work on the full length novel. Something didn’t feel right about it. The frustration I was experiencing was insurmountable and, well, very frustrating! I was beginning to doubt my writing capabilities. The dreaded writers block crept in and stayed for a long unwelcome visit.

I couldn’t keep blaming my inability to write, to create, on writer’s block alone. This wasn’t just a simple case of writer’s block. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense; I couldn’t find the words to write it because I didn’t want to write it. Subconsciously I knew that it wasn’t the way for me. So I cleared my mind, sat in complete silence and started from scratch.

A couple of  months ago when the urge to take writing seriously overtook me to the point where I couldn’t breath, I started developing a story where 5 individuals were involved in the plot however their individual stories would make for the chapters. It starts with my characters sitting at a table chatting to one another. A social event where everyone knows each other either very well or as an acquaintance. Each persons story would be told and those individual stories would then culminate in the final chapter. So I have returned to my original idea. I am extremely excited about this. Which is the opposite to how I was feeling a few weeks ago.

Ok. Need to go create imaginary people.

About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

2 Responses to “Short And Sweet”

  1. THIS is why I think it’s so important to have some sort of contact with other writers out there in the world. It helps so much to learn that you’re not alone, and that other writers have the same problems you do. It makes you feel a little better. =)

    I recently had this same problem. A novel that I’d been working on for months – and had actually been my Nano novel – ended up going flat somewhere. I messed with the characters, the plot, moved it from one state to another… still didn’t click. So I scrapped it. Such guilt =( But writing is something we should enjoy. Even though it’s hard work, we should be having fun on some level. Forcing a story that just doesn’t want to come isn’t good for a writer.

    I’m so glad to hear you’re working on something that you’re excited about =) Keep writing! ❤


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