With This Pen I Thee Write

Or, with this laptop I thee type. Whichever way I have chosen to describe it, one thing is for sure; I have made a commitment. I have made a commitment to my craft. However I am a little annoyed at myself because only moments ago I contemplated not writing at all tonight. I will explain to you why this event has annoyed me.

2 weeks ago – around the time I started this blog – I decided, after months and months of that nagging voice at the back of my head, to pull the finger out and take my writing seriously. Much like a man or woman agonising about asking their loved one to marry them. ‘Come on, do it, do it,’ says that irritating voice that you KNOW is right yet you choose to ignore ‘for now’ because of this reason or that reason. This was me. Every day for I don’t know how long. I would go to bed at night thinking about writing and I would wake up the next morning thinking about writing. Write. Write. Write.

Enough was enough. So I finally put pen to paper. Fingers to keys on laptop. I made a commitment to writing at least once every day. And I have kept up my end of the bargain, too. Whether it is first thing in the morning or last thing at night, I am working those literary muscles. I’m getting those creative juices flowing like an over zealous water fall.

Still not sure why I’m having a whinge about myself? I actually will explain it now. My daughter fell asleep earlier than usual. My son is happy watching some tv in bed before it’s his turn for lights out. I am alone with my laptop, my chocolate ice cream and my thoughts. And the first thing that comes into my head? Putting on Will and Grace and plonking myself on the couch. No, said the angel on my shoulder. Such a sweet thing she is…. Work on your blog. Work on one of your projects. Do some writing, go on, you know you want to… I started to relent when Mr Devil, the evil Mr don’t-bother-doing-anything-with-your-life-ever Devil gives me that snarly evil snarl a la Heath Ledger’s Joker and fills my head with mental flashes of me sprawled on my couch, cradling my ice cream and having a right old laugh at my favourite sitcom. I had to push through it or the guilt would have eaten me alive. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t enjoy the lighter things, or sit in front of the tv. My point is that I had no good reason NOT to write. I knew that if I had decided not to do any writing tonight it would have been out of sheer laziness. And nothing more.

So I did push through that. I just had to. Without a second thought, I jumped off my seat, marched into the kitchen, made myself a cup of fake joe (its decaf….it’s after 7pm!) and parked my butt back on the seat. So thankful that I made the decision to stick to my commitment. Take that Mr Devil!

Now I can go and watch Will and Grace in peace.


About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

3 Responses to “With This Pen I Thee Write”

  1. Haha, I’m hearing ya, well done. It takes one second to decide not to write but the guilt goes on and on.


  2. Hurrah! Hopefully soon you’ll be in the middle of writing something so juicy that you can’t wait to get back to it!



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