The Writing Groove

I recently moved my desk to the upstairs bedroom. I tend to move furniture around more than your average person (I get bored very quickly) but this was a legitimate move. The desk was in the lounge room and it was starting to look really cluttered. Every Tom Dick and Harry was dumping their crap on the desk and it just looked like a recycling bin had exploded on it.


Yeah, pretty much like that.

So off it went. Upstairs, not to be seen. Now, you’d think I would’ve used the desk as, well, a desk. No. I used the dining table as my desk. Its near the TV (you know, so I wont get distracted) and its the main area where the kids hang out so if I did get an urge to write then at least I’m still in the vicinity, technically still supervising.

I created this blog whilst sitting at that dining table. I have written assignments and began the ideas for my novel on there too. Which leads me to ask – is this my writing nook? Where I get my writing groove on? Or is it because it’s familiar, and almost a given ‘Well, that’s where I write so I will write there’ kind of thing.

Whenever I am on Pinterest, ahem, researching, I often search for office spaces to get ideas for my next renovation and I find the loveliest offices that some people have created. Truly office envy stuff out there. I see an office image I like and I think ‘man, I would be really inspired if I had the chance to sit there and write…’.

But, would I? Does a nook make all the difference? Take now for example. I am lying in bed writing this (fighting an annoying head cold). Earlier in the day I started and completed an assignment in the newly created office space upstairs. Obviously something has worked for me seeing as I have been suffering from serious motivational issues. Was it simply just the change from downstairs to upstairs?

Change is definitely as good as a holiday and maybe that is what was needed. A change of scenery. A change of nooks. I was getting complacent plonking myself on that dining table, staring at my laptop as if it was going to start writing my novel for me. Familiarity certainly does breed contempt. Queen of cliché’s today, aren’t I.

What about you – do you have a writing space? A special place that inspires you to write?


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4 Responses to “The Writing Groove”

  1. I’m currently searching for one. My apartment’s too tiny for one, really, though I have more of a creative space to myself here in the my new apartment than my old one. I tend to look elsewhere for writing spaces – that perfect coffee shop or park bench.



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