I Am Not In A Writing Mood

Which is a good thing seeing as I have created a blog documenting my writing journey. However in the past couple of days, I have been devoid of anything to do with literacy. I have not been interested in my story. I have not been interested in my characters. And I am very annoyed at myself that I have, yet again, changed the plot of my story. Does someone as fickle as me deserve to be given the chance to write? Or is this what other writers go through? Ok. So I know I am not alone in this and yes, of course other writers go through this. Countless times. Millions of times. There are probably 3,098 writers going through this right now. As we speak. As I type.

So what is my point today. My point is I am frustrated. Frustrated that I have so many words swirling around in my head. Ideas that need to be written down yet when I do sit down infront of my laptop, fingers at the ready, I am bombarded with TOO many words. TOO many ideas. I get overwhelmed and I walk away.

I want to write a story about my grandmother’s life (my muse….as documented in the post below the last one). I have been wanting to write about her since she passed away. This is what I have been working on. I know exactly what I want to write about. The right words are there. I just have to find them. I suppose it is like the first time you tell your significant other you have fallen in love with them. You know what you want to say. The words are there. The thing is, you’re afraid that if you don’t say it right you will never be able to say it again……

There. There it is. The answer to my very frustrating predicament…….I’m afraid that if I don’t say it right I will never be able to say it again……

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6 Responses to “I Am Not In A Writing Mood”

  1. My next blog which I am posting on Sunday has a link to a TED Talk (ted.com) by Ken Robinson. He discusses how we need to change the educational system which is currently set up to discourage people from being creative and one thing he says during his presentation is “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” We need to be prepared to take risks and to put it down on paper. It may not be quite right the first time. Strike that. It won’t be right the first time. But with time you will make it right. Maybe that’s why we’re called writers…


    • Thank you for commenting. I am following you now so will most definitely be reading that post and you’re right, if we are not prepared to be wrong we will never be right. Ironically, I tell my son this when he attempts new things and is apprehensive that he will fail. I always tell him that its ok that it might not be perfect the first time. Hows that for double standard 🙂 I need to listen to myself a little more, I think. Thanks again 🙂


  2. I’m learning that our job as writers goes beyond actual writing. Reading books that help with our craft, reading in general, and even watching movies can be apart of our job. I’ve found inspiration in so many places….sometimes it’s good to take a break from writing & go find some inspiration….whether that be from nature or media. Sometimes I get inspired because I’m angry lol……I may read some YA fiction that is so poorly written I want to spit nails…..and I think hey I can atleast do better than that…….and then I can’t help but write….yeah writing takes practice…so it’s good to do even if we have to edit every part….we are sharpening our skills 😉


    • Thanks! 🙂 Yes, my aim is to write every day even if I only manage to write a post on the blog. Writing every day makes all the difference doesn’t it 🙂


  3. What’s that saying from Dr Phil “you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”. Looks like you’ve worked out where your frustration is coming from and now you know, what would be worse, not saying anything or not getting it perfectly right. Easier said than done – but certainly do-able.

    Virginia, I want to thank you for commenting on my blog, I am new to this game and really appreciated you taking time to read it.


    • Hi, thanks for the feedback. No problem at all, I enjoyed your posts. It’s important for us to have support…..it gets rather lonely at times doesn’t it! 🙂


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