For Your A-Muse-Ment

Well, that was really more a play on words. As if you haven’t already noticed.

Muses are funny old things. That doesn’t sound right. Muses. Mus-i?? No. Muses. Ok so not all that funny. But they could be anything. A moment in time. A stolen glance. A distant memory. A person. Mine is a person. A very special person. And although other things motivate me to write for example a gorgeous sunset, the smell of the ocean, gusty winds outside – this person really cuts the mustard in muse-ings??

Now my question is this: if your muse is a person, what is it about this person that mus-es (?) themselves to you? What does this person do to you to make you want to write? And do you want to write about them? I have always wanted to write about my muse. She absolutely inspires me without question. I know that if I start explaining the reasons why she inspires me it will come out sounding very trite, very clichéd – ‘she went through so much in her life yet she still smiled everyday’ yadda yadda. But she did. This woman exuded happiness. She was content. Not in a complacent way though. She was really really pleased with her life. How can something like that not inspire you? Especially in the selfish world we live in these days.

She was a writer too. She wrote poems. I have always wondered if she wrote as a young girl. If it was encouraged at all? I wish I had asked more about her childhood. I remember that she used to have a pen and notebook on her side table and her knack of pulling a poem out of thin air still makes me swell with pride. She used to write me poems for my birthday. I cherish the ones I have kept, neatly tucked away in my ‘Virginia’s private property, please keep out’ box that lives in my wardrobe. The beautiful thing about all this is that I have taken after her. And I know she knew that. Whenever I do have one of those inspirational moments, I picture her standing before me and I feel like writing. It’s an instantaneous feeling. A beautiful feeling. There is no talking. Just the written word.

My grandmother. My muse.


About Virginia

Writer, reader, crossword puzzler and conspiracy theorist.

6 Responses to “For Your A-Muse-Ment”

  1. Speaking of selfish.. I “muse” myself. Though I have been known to be very a”muse”ing.

    Inspiration is a beautiful thing. It is great you are able to pin point it and draw from that. Especially a loving grandmother.


  2. Thanks 🙂

    I think it’s great that you can muse yourself. Its not selfish at all. I wish I could say the same. Unfortunately Pinterest is my alibi – if I relied on myself, this is where you would find me night after night. Bloody Pinterest :S !!



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