Have Coffee, Will Write….Maybe

At this very moment I am making a mental list of the things I need to do before I have to pick up the children:

1/ Blog a bit

2/ Write at least 500 words of novel

3/ Hopefully finish my assignment that is due in 1.5 weeks (I study genealogy part-time)

So fully armed with liquid gold (or, for me, liquid black) here I sit, laptop at the ready waiting for my inspiration. Nada.

When I need something to spark inside, I click onto Pinterest and more often than not I come across an image or quote and that writer’s rush inside of me starts bubbling to the surface and before I know it, out come the words. So I did just that. Clicked onto Pinterest. However I didn’t click onto Pinterest. I clicked onto the news and somehow segued into the celebrity fix part of the site and ended up watching a certain actress fudge up a scene on a certain classic tv show. Then Zac Efron caught my attention (how could he not….) and then before you know it, it’s an hour later and my writing has remained dormant.

Until now that is. So what has changed in the past 10 minutes you ask. Well, I’m beginning to realise that I might actually need a writing schedule. Truth be told, I’m not one for schedules. I don’t ‘check my diary’ for anything. I have access to plenty of calendars but I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants – it’s more fun that way. Who says stress is stressful?! And you’re probably wondering how I manage to stay sane with 2 kids and no schedule. You see, this is where the fun comes in. I double and triple book all the time, I’m on the phone constantly unbooking and rescheduling….it really doesn’t bother me or my kids. We work well like that. But with writing, not so much. I am such a sucker for time-wasting on the internet, easily led astray and this is probably one of the reasons I’ve let my writing go. So. Today’s task is to draw up a writing/study schedule for myself. Which is cool as I get to browse the internet looking for interesting schedule templates.

Do you have a writing schedule that you need to keep it all ‘in check’? Throw some ideas my way!


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9 Responses to “Have Coffee, Will Write….Maybe”

  1. Good luck!

    I don’t have much of a writing schedule, really. I’m generally so busy with work and school that I try to fit it in everywhere in between. Although, I do find myself working on my novel in class. Lucky for me, a lot of my classes allow us to take notes on our laptops so I just work on my book instead!


  2. Thanks 🙂 – so far I have blogged, worked on book and now I’m trying to find the motivation to do my assignment…..

    Your comment made me laugh, working on your book while you should be paying attention in class – classic! 🙂


  3. I’ve been grabbing a notebook on the way to bed and I make myself write for at least half an hour. Usually I get going and can’t make the pen stop and by midnight I have at least six pages (front and back). Around lunch I type it into Word and make tweaks and add/cut as I do so.


  4. I will now. I do the same thing. I think about what I am going to write about all day and then get to the computer and I am very distracted. What we need to use is that fancy typewrite you have a picture of.. I dont believe they have words with friends installed on those yet..


    • thanks for the comment 🙂
      The distraction thing is extremely annoying……those good old fashioned typewriters may actually save our writing lives.


  5. No one likes this answer — but I get up to write at 4:30am. I write a quick little plan the night before, just a couple lines, about what I want to happen in the next scene. Then in the morning, I do my “morning pages” (about 10 minutes of writing about crap, usually about how effing early it is and how warm my bed was), and then I get to work for an hour. Then shower, and wake up kiddos for school and get myself to work. It’s the only way the writing ever happens.


    • Thats dedication. 4.30? Wow. Although if I went to bed at 10, I would probably wake up around 5 so I guess its not too bad. My kids go to bed a little later so my down time (and writing time) is after they are asleep. I need a schedule, thats for sure.


  6. Not sure if you’ve had any luck with the scheduling for writing. Whilst I’m not a writer, I do suffer procrastinate (very well), not sure scheduling would work for me – energy drinks and background music work for me!

    And in another comment, your doing a genealogy course – sounds amazing! Would love to hear about it.


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